Winning the Spiritual War

By Matthew Fontaine

The modern world, with all its chatter, all its technology, and all its information has confused and disrupted the Aryan soul. As we have become increasingly concerned with merely the exterior and material world, we have lost sight of what it means to truly live a meaningful life. In the past, our ancestors were firmly confident of their place among the Cosmos and, subsequently, their relationship with God. Their unity with Nature was unquestionable, and from it sprung a healthy public life that mirrored the clarity of their souls. Everyone and everything had its place, and even the Aryan Man understood and embraced his own limitations in the eyes of the Creator.

This clarity of Life is hard to come by these days, as the modern world has all but crushed our link to the Divine. When we think of the darkness our race finds itself in today, we make the modern mistake of believing that all would be fixed if we could merely come up with a material solution to our problems. But the abyss we find ourselves falling into is not physical, it is spiritual. In an age where our Spirit is consistently bombarded with disruptive advertisements, meaningless information, and mindless entertainment, we are robbed of the opportunity to understand ourselves. The darkness, first and foremost, is within, and bringing light to our interior world is the only way to combat the grotesqueness of modernity. An iron Soul can withstand any storm that Life may throw at it, and in turn is able to recognize with immense clarity all lies, filth, and chaos for what they are.

In coming to terms with the immensity of what we face, an Aryan Man may feel insignificant and powerless to combat the titanic forces that threaten to destroy his history, culture, and people. To think like this is to severely discount the power of the individual. The exterior world is simply a mirror of the interior one, which means that by healing your own Soul, you are in effect healing the Collective Soul of our race and setting right the world around you. Just as a healthy body is only comprised of healthy cells, the Aryan race will only find the will to defeat its sense of self-abasement and lust for housing parasites when its individual members return themselves to their natural states of being. By virtue of rejecting the death and decay of your people, you are in the vanguard of a long line of heroic men that stretches back into antiquity, a lineage of souls that understood the protection of their race not as a sacrifice but as a duty.

To reject the satanic temptations of the modern world is at first a gargantuan task, especially when all others around you drink its poison as if they were wanderers in the desert. But you, as an Aryan, whose veins course with the blood of innumerable conquerors, inventors, poets, and dreamers, are capable of almost anything. Only you know what is holding you back from your true potential, but because of who you are and where you came from, there are no excuses to keep you from taking one step forward each and every day. Your blood simply grants you potential, as only through your deeds can you claim the title of an Aryan Man. To live as what God intended you to be shall and must be your meaning, just as a fish must live as a fish and lion must live as a lion. In realizing your true Self, you not only grant freedom to yourself, but to your people as a whole.

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  • Whitebird

    have never read more inspiring words…

  • Wutra

    Its easy to live in accordance with natural law when it imposes itself on us directly ie.In a more materially primitive condition. The problems begin when our cleverness and civilisation allows us to partially circumvent the more immediate imposition of natural law. Civilisation reaches a point where it is no longer about making us stronger as a people and becomes about avoiding struggle. We domesticate ourselves because its comfortable. Every civilisation reaches this point if it advances enough. Every people that has encountered this problem has failed one way or another and natural law reasserts itself with ferocity.
    Example: Food/appetite. In its proper place appetite and the pleasure of eating is a natural healthy drive that encourages us to hunt/gather/farm. It is balanced by the requirement for effort and scarcity. Through our cleverness we have created year round super abundance of food available with little effort and as a result our natural healthy instincts are killing us. We could go and live like the Amish but a better and more honest solution is to simply exercise will over ourselves and deliberately control our consumption.

    This is the solution: To recognise natural law and to live in accordance with it by choice, as an act of will not just by having it impose itself directly upon us like an animal. By so doing we become a sentient embodiment of natural law. Our reward is self ownership and the chance to explore the universe. No civilisation we have ever produced has yet accomplished this.
    We must be the first.

  • Matt Fitzgerald

    Keep God out of the discussion! Keep the alien Christian religion out of the discussion. “God” is a foreign word and concept! Keep that claptrap out or we will continue to spiral in circles. Or maybe that’s the idea, “Purity Spiral”