Living the Ideal

By Matthew Fontaine

It is not enough to simply believe in an Ideal: You must live it. To be a National Socialist is not about drawing swastikas or even despising the Jews, nor is it just about worshipping men from a long-extinguished era. It is a philosophy of life, built on an adherence to principles that guided Aryan men throughout the ages to become masters of this planet and guardians of the Divine Spark hidden within themselves. Our forefathers of the last century did not set out to create a new Life-Concept, but instead sought to guide their brothers and sisters back to that deep well of the Spirit which our race was once deeply attuned to.

For the Aryan man, to live this Ideal means to realize his natural state of mental, physical, and spiritual clarity, from which follows a strong dense of duty towards his people, a commitment to justice, and a noble contempt for ways of living that stain the Soul. In striving for the Ideal, we leave the lust for chaotic violence and ineffectual ressentiment to the half-beast scum that populate this earth, knowing full well that nothing fruitful is ever built on a foundation of hate. Only through bold and thoughtful action can we ignite the flame of creation to work through the entropy that seeps into every facet of our daily life.

On the individual level, this means rejecting all forms of living and being that seek to satisfy only the basest elements of existence. Any creature that walks this earth can give in to its basic impulses: It is only Man who is capable of controlling his urges to bear long-lasting fruit. To walk upright with two arms and two legs is not a sufficient mark of humanity- one must live according to a principle of life that transcends the individual above the material to bring him closer to that inner light which dwells within him.

We National Socialists long for the perfection of ourselves and our people. Although we understand that perfection may never be obtained, through striving toward that goal we form a direct link to our ancestral past. Because of the strife and enduring struggle of our ancestors, we today have been granted Life, and it is our duty to repay that debt to our progeny. Amidst the chaos all around us, the goal then must be to build order within so that one day we may build order without. This simple idea forms the core foundation of our Movement, and the center from which all other ideas and actions must follow.

In recapturing that Spirit, our forefathers succeeded where all other movements today fail. It is easy to follow the drum beat of death that beckons all of us who live in this modern world, where even those who want to change things cannot help but fall victim to the poisonous vices of our Age. To stand firm and shout a resounding “NO!” in the face of that death rattle is the first action a true Aryan Man must take. In doing so, he stands apart from all the mindless brutes who spend their existence crawling helplessly amongst the putrid filth of these times. With this act of defiance, an Aryan Man cannot help but raise a fixed right arm towards the Sun which gives life and from the innermost reaches of his heart and soul roar out a loud and affirming “YES!”

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