Constitutional Craziness: A Book Review of Allan Lichtman’s ‘The Case for Impeachment’

By Karl Radl

The author of ‘The Case for Impeachment’ Allan Lichtman – who surprise surprise is jewish – is one of those academics that you don’t know exist until they produce something of use to the political establishment. In his latest book ‘The Case for Impeachment’ – published in April 2017 by Harper Collins with the unstated sub-text ‘of Donald Trump’ – Lichtman engages in what I can only describe as intellectual fraud.

The book itself purports to be a piece of non-partisan scholarship that is aligned with Lichtman’s ‘Keys’ system whereby he explicitly claims that he has successfully predicted the outcome of every US Presidential election since 1984. The problem with that statement – as with much of the statements of alleged fact contained within ‘The Case for Impeachment’ – is that it simply isn’t true.

Since Lichtman predicted that Al Gore would win the US Presidential Election in 2000 and then his opponent George W. Bush did so instead. (1) His ‘Keys’ system didn’t help him with the Maryland US Senate Election – in which he stood as a Democrat running on a progressive platform – as he only managed to get 1.2 percent of the vote which placed him sixth. (2)

The argument Lichtman that makes against Trump is subject to similar hype – especially in the predictably glowing reviews from the very media outlets who Lichtman cites as his principles sources for the claims of illegality and malfeasance he makes against Trump – (3) but simply doesn’t deliver on his extravagant promises.

This, borne out by factual errors such as Lichtman charging Steve Bannon of ‘warning against a Dangerous Faggot tour’ with the implied charge of so-called ‘homophobia’, when in fact Milo Yiannopoulos – the ‘Dangerous Faggot’ (and a jewish one no less) making the tour around college campuses across the United States – was actually Bannon’s protégé and a senior employee at Breitbart News. Bannon was, in fact, promoting rather than attacking Milo’s Dangerous Faggot campaign.

That is the problem with equating ‘facts’ with the unchecked claims made by highly partisan anti-Trump media companies. Add to that the fact that Lichtman cites the bizarre (and likely mentally ill) ravings of Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald – who also happens to be jewish (notice a pattern?) – concerning Trump’s tax returns from 2008.

Lichtman is either desperate for any kind of slime or garbage to throw at Trump and doesn’t care to know from whence it comes or – as seems more likely – he lives in the Beltway Bubble and believes that a journalist who:

  1. Broke journalistic ethics to pay a child prostitute money (and then lied about it). (4)
  2. Got caught reading hard core anime porn by trolls from the Chans then bizarrely tried to claim he had been searching for ‘tentacle porn’ to show his wife and kids, but forgot to mention the porn he was viewing didn’t include any tentacles in it, therefore catching himself in another lie. (5)
  3. Had a man from Maryland arrested for ‘triggering his epilepsy’ with a flashing GIF, (6) but produces flashing GIFs on his own for music videos that he creates in his spare time. Likely another lie and not the first time that Eichenwald has weaponized his epilepsy, I might add. (7)

This Beltway Bubble mentality – Lichtman teaches at American University in Washington D.C. after all – characterizes ‘The Case for Impeachment’ as he spends most of the book comparing Donald Trump to Abraham Lincoln’s successor Andrew Johnson and Richard Nixon. Lichtman takes malicious advantage of the average American’s poor knowledge of constitutional history to try and gull his reader into the idea that the rule by the people (i.e. Populism) is somehow in and of itself not democratic.

He further introduces the superstition about the alleged benevolence of the US Supreme Court – while recounting that the Supreme Court was formed in its current incarnation as a political manoeuvre not as some grand ideological gesture by the Founding Fathers – to form the main buttress of his claim that it is above the will of the governed. This is amusing precisely because what Lichtman is arguing for – and he must surely be aware of this – is a classic tyranny of the people by an elite.

The inevitable result of Lichtman’s thesis is that two classes exist in the United States.

  1. The Elite
  2. The Working People

The elite decide within themselves what should happen and the working people are both stampeded through polling booths after being agitated by ‘their side’s’ propaganda and are then expected to fight and die for the elite’s ideas/policies.

This is done without explanation or consultation of the people’s views on the matter, because the Elite deliberately do not engage in direct democracy – i.e. referendums/plebiscites – but rather so-called ‘representative democracy’, which means sending a ‘representative’ to Washington D.C.

Said representative is often already a member of the Elite and, even if he is not, the swarms of lobbyists and ‘staffers’ that infest the swamp of the capital’s Byzantine maze of corridors of power will ensure that they will be read-in to the program in fairly short order. The ‘representative’ is then systematically bullied into unquestioning compliance with the Elite and is taught the ‘rules of the game’ in so far as one is to only discuss ideas within the Elite itself, not take them directly to the people.

To take them directly to the people would be populism – which is what Lichtman is so upset about – because how can Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom possibly have an ‘informed opinion’ on transgenderism or the invasion of the United States by Mexico. The reality is of course that Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom are the people affected by – and have to implement – such polices, so therefore they have an absolute right to be directly consulted concerning what policies they want to implement on behalf of their fellow working men and women.

The problem is that the ultimate arbiter of these ideas is held to be the Supreme Court, which is most decidedly an institution run and staffed by the Elite. It is indeed the Supreme Court which has weaponized by the Elite against Nationalism and direct democracy by unilaterally declaring what is ‘constitutional’ and ‘unconstitutional’.

This feeds into why the Elite have surrounded the Supreme Court with a veil of mysticism and superstition in regards to its real powers and standing. It is said to be the paragon of Ameicanism and also a kind of supreme moral and legal arbiter created by the Founding Fathers in order to prevent the tyranny of the few over the many.

The reality however is that it was always an instrument of the ruling polity against the bulk of America’s voting population. After all, if you simply ask yourself what ‘constitutional’ and ‘unconstitutional’ mean then it comes back to an opinion based upon the founding legal documents of the United States, which in turn leads you to the conclusion that constitutionality is based upon the will of the American people and as such requires direct democracy, not so-called ‘representative democracy’.

In essence, Lichtman is absolutely terrified of the working men and women of America not only because they more resemble Adolf Hitler than Abraham Lincoln in their political opinions, but also due to the simple fact that most of the working men and women of America are White and Christian rather than Elite’s habit of being jewish and Atheist.

Lichtman rightly identifies – although implicitly – that any kind of direct democracy or populism will be – tacitly or explicitly – the equivalent of a popular pogrom of jews being thrown out of their positions of power by non-jews angry at being treated like cattle.

In America today – as has been the case in many nations throughout history – class war is actually an expression of race war.

This is the truth that stalks Lichtman in the night; like any thorough-going jew he still wants to profit from his anti-populist (= anti-gentile) activism by producing a book – ‘The Case for Impeachment’ – which will sell (and has) widely and soothe the worries of his fellow Red Sea Pedestrians and their assorted hangers-on by predicting – hilariously on the basis of yellow journalism and Lichtman’s non-existent ‘infallible forecasting record’ – that Trump will be impeached by the Elite.

What Lichtman is soiling himself thinking about is not Trump nor his staffers, but rather the fact that the goyim are angry and the people they are angry with are predominately jewish.

Lichtman can read the signs well enough to know that the rise in populism in America is likely to end in Auschwitz not because it has to, but because jews like Lichtman will refuse to let it end any other way.


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