The Aryan Woman & Child: A Living, Breathing Faith

By Dennis

Before the unholy birth of the New World Order and its parasitical and deleterious doctrines, we used to be a people of  honour, courage, and racial fortitude, imbued with a sense of infinite purpose and destiny. We understood that whatever had to be done in order to continue our upward path toward our self-made destiny was right and good. No one dared get in our way; if they did, the rivers would run red with their blood.

Not every single one of our ancestors understood our esoteric destiny; this is one of the reasons our ancestors had sages and specialists they believed could predict the future. Some of our pagan forbears, for instance, believed that women were a divine entity. They took even the most casual comment from their females as advice and followed it with absolute sincerity. Furthermore, when they conducted Sejdr (spiritual meditation) there would be two religious specialists who served as a mediator between the physical and spiritual realms: the sejdmadr (male) and the sejdkuna (female). They didn’t have both conducting Sejdr at the same time, rather it would either be the sejdmadr or the sejdkuna. Both the Aryan male and female served as a catalyst of the gods during sacred rituals, but not every male and female did.

What was it that drove our ancestors (those who couldn’t understand our esoteric destiny) to shed blood and sacrifice themselves?

I believe there were several motivations of a different but similar nature. From time immemorial, men have slaughtered countless others for women, territory and power. Sexual lust is battle lust, territorial imperative is Nature’s decree, and power is what you need in order to keep women and territory. This is natural law 101. But I believe that something else worked in conjunction with these natural instincts, something that exists within our Race Soul.

I know that many people switch off as soon as you bring up the idea of a soul, but ask yourself this: if it’s not our Race Soul that attracts us to the noble and the beautiful, and if it’s not our “Vital Spark” or “Divine Spark” that compels us to take the upward path, then what is it that does?

Our pagan ancestors believed in an inner voice of matriarchal existence that resided within our Folk Soul. They called it “Hamingja”. Hamingja is similar to the philosophical concept of the “God-Self”.

Note: the reason Hamingja is matriarchal and not patriarchal is because it’s connected to the Norns (the three goddesses of fate).

Hamingja or God-Self is really quite a difficult entity to describe. It serves as your guide if you listen to it, and your executioner if you try to undue the web of destiny she has spun for you. The easiest way to try and explain this is the following: The regular man (the unconscious man), is thrown through his life from point to point by his natural instincts and urges. He is never in control of his life, even if he thinks he is. This is because he isn’t conscious of the laws which govern his existence (natural law and the law of the universe). The learned man, however, IS conscious of these laws, and because of this, he can work within the boundaries of these laws and exert his own free-will to determine his path in life. His Hamingja serves as his guide, but it’s ultimately up to him to take the correct path.

The learned man can also channel his natural urges into a conscious positive force instead of an unconscious negative force. He can then use his urges for the benefit of his Race or his self-made destiny. Here’s an example: the unconscious man breeds with any race because his natural urges for sexual union control him, whereas the learned man breeds only with females of his own Race because he understands that Nature decrees the purpose of sexual union is for species (racial) preservation; he makes a conscious effort to control and channel his natural urges. Unlike those who make a conscious effort to suppress their natural urges, either by taking a vow of celibacy or simply abstaining from sex, the learned man still adheres to natural law, thus he is rewarded with Nature’s greatest creation, the Aryan child.

Hamingja is the inner voice that tells you to adhere to natural law, serve your folk and strive for collective and individual greatness. She also tells you to create the natural and the beautiful and destroy the unnatural and the ugly, which you do through adhering to natural law, serving your folk and striving for greatness.

So it’s fair to say that Hamingja or the God-Self,  played a significant part in motivating our ancestors to sacrifice their lives for the natural, beautiful, noble and holy. However, our ancestors would have needed a physical manifestation of the above mentioned. I believe this physical manifestation was the Aryan woman and the Aryan Child.

Code 2 of the 14 Codes of Aryan Ethics states that, “Nature’s laws evidence the divine plan, as the natural world is the work of AllFather Odin.”

Precept 2 of the 88 Precepts also states something similar, “Whatever people’s perceptions of God, or gods, or the motive force of the universe might be, they can hardly deny that Nature’s laws are the work of, and therefore the intent of, that force.”

In both statements we see a correlation between the physical world and the spiritual world (that which exists outside the contingent universe). Nature’s laws are God’s will and God’s will is Natural law.

Most of us understand that an invisible force needs a physical object through which to manifest itself. You can’t see gravity, but you can see it in action when you drop a physical object, a pair of keys for example. So is it so utterly insane to believe that our Race is the physical object through which God, the Creator/the gods manifest themselves? Throughout history, our ancestors have accomplished feats that have defied reality. Leonidas and his three hundred Spartans standing against several hundred thousand Persians; Alexander the Great being able to lead an entire army at 17 years old and later conquering the East; the unnamed Roman soldier who was engulfed by lava in Pompeii in 79 AD because no one relieved him from guard duty when Vesuvius erupted. These are just a few examples of reality defying acts, superhuman acts even.

So did the Greek, Roman and Egyptian gods and goddesses manifest themselves through these legendary heroes? Did Ares manifest himself through Leonidas and the Spartans? Did Zeus or Amun-Ra manifest themselves through Alexander the Great? Did Pietas manifest herself through the unnamed Roman soldier? Well, there is no truly physical evidence to support this theory. Most people, unfortunately, are not capable of even considering, just for a moment, that a human can embody the will, spirit and attributes of a god or goddess. Whether you believe this or not comes down to matter of faith and belief. Those who are willing to believe or even consider that there may be some truth in what I’ve said, however small, will understand what I’m about to say.

David Lane, Katja Lane and Ron McVan made tremendous strides in immortalizing the duty we have to our Race in the form of the 14 Words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” Many people have tried to subvert the 14 Words, most noticeably, Stephen McNallen.

McNallen “created” his own version: “The existence of our people is non-negotiable.”  As you can see his version is nowhere near as powerful or as inspiring. It also fails to clearly state the truth about who “our people” are. This causes an instinctive distrust in the hearts and minds of fanatics: the revolutionary vanguard, who are duty-bound to fight to the death for their women, children, homeland and heritage.

David Lane made sure that the 14 Words were at the end of most of his Focus Fourteen articles to drive home the fact that everything we do, and every action we take, must be geared toward securing the existence of the Aryan Race, our Race, and anything that threatens the existence of our Race, most importantly our women and children, must be destroyed with our Nature-given capacity for violence and our ruthless God-imbued power.

The Aryan woman and child are Nature’s greatest creation, which means they are God’s (or the infinite intelligence we perceive as God) greatest creation. They are the physical manifestation of all that is natural, beautiful, noble and holy; the physical manifestation of Nature and of God.

When we take our first action against the System, our motive will not be of a reactionary nature nor of a sole hatred for one or two of its doctrines. Our motive will be the motive of Nature, the God-Self and God; the highest law of Nature, which is the preservation of one’s own kind, and the conscious, inner voice-guided exertion of our own will to fight to the death for the natural, the beautiful, the noble and the holy; the Aryan woman and child.

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.” For the death of the Aryan Race means the death of God(s).