The Entire Western Press Reports on a Self-Professed “Clean, Thoroughbred White Girl”

By Kemperor

In the third quarter of the 20th Century and a little beyond, drinking and driving wasn’t seen as that big of a deal in the United States. In fact, drinking wasn’t seen as that big of a deal. Many of you or your parents could drink at 18 years of age. Somewhere along the line in the blur of causes championed and to be championed, people were whipped into believing somehow drinking and driving was the devil. How can two things be the devil? The devil is a singular entity.

All that is not to say drinking and driving is good but is too put things into perspective a bit. Drinking and driving is potentially dangerous and potentially fatal for anyone who might be involved in an accident.


Ol’ Bill Clinton, who at the very least is generally acknowledged to have regularly engaged in high-risk sexual behavior and very possibly criminal sexual behavior, got the idea which was floated nationwide to raise the legal drinking age to about 23 years of age. Our young men and women’s developing brains would be better off for it, we were told. That too, may be true. The assertion was based on what we can be sure was called sound science, MRIs and the like. At the very least, all the money to be spent on college would potentially yield better results. Those men and (unfortunately) women fighting our wars of non-aggression would have potentially been better soldiers, too.

Clinton’s proposal to raise the legal drinking age to 23 went nowhere. However, the proposal may have been a ruse to more easily make the then-current laws stricter, for it seems to have worked. The legal limit for blood-alcohol was lowered and laws were enacted where the driver would now be hit with at least a fine, community service, an educational-style intervention class, and the potential suspension of the motor vehicle operator’s license just for two or three drinks before driving. The DUI was born.

Now, there are people who are absolutely a danger to themselves and others driving after drinking, or even driving while drinking. Alcoholics wouldn’t have that problem if they didn’t have to run out to get more booze. Heavy drinkers and binge drinkers are also potential problems when they get behind the wheel.

This Lovely Young Lady was One of Those People:

She did the Wrong Thing but is Being Done Way Worse by the Media Putting Her Comments on Blast Everywhere

The woman, whose name is out there all over the place already, while driving in Bluffton, SC “ran a stop sign while driving drunk more than 30 miles an hour over the speed limit early Saturday” according to the Island Packet. The Island Packet is a news site local to the area where the woman was taken into custody.

The BBC reported:

When she was pulled over, Ms Cutshaw’s blood alcohol level registered at 0.18% – the legal limit is 0.08% – and she failed sobriety tests.

They also reported that she had “drugs.” Another outlet stated she had marijuana.

That is all very bad. She was doing all the wrong things. She could potentially face a prison sentence, lose a job and have a hard time finding a job. Someone who gets caught around the level of .08% BAC is going to lose their license and have to deal with the fallout for about two years, at least in New York. Blowing a .18% is most likely going to lead the judge to come down harder. Then, add on the pot.

The girl, as Walter put it, “Is in for a World of Pain”

Now, this woman, she was drunk af. Still, she must have known about the “World of Pain.” Let’s say she’s gotten home safe maybe numerous times shitfaced. Let’s say she has a problem, she obviously has a somewhat healthy tolerance for the alcohol, but it’s not mighty healthy. She is Fa, Fla, Flucked.

Being fucked, she tries to bargain her way out of things. She says she’s “a clean, thoroughbred white girl.” She said she was a cheerleader with great grades and went to a better than average school. When the officer says so what, she speaks cryptically but her message of racial superiority is understood.

What the woman did was talk. Hate speech is Free Speech. What the woman said was benign and said to a White Officer. The woman was not menacing any blacks or other non-Whites in the process of her being stopped and subsequently rightly arrested.

The local news, the Island Packet took information from the police report, which in part stated:

The officer’s report stated: “Making statements such as these as a means to justify not being arrested are unusual in my experience as a law enforcement officer and I believe further demonstrate the suspect’s level of intoxication.”

The officer does not seem to see race; maybe he just couldn’t get a blowjob or even a handy. Maybe the latter is the reason he wrote a short virtue signaling memoir in his report.

Regardless, the sleuthing SJW and activist “journalists” have now really bent the woman offender over. The story has been picked up by FOX News, BBC, Newsweek, USA Today and this author is sure all the other ones. Googling “Clean White Girl” at about 0230 I got back 15.5 million results. All 15.5 million results are obviously not about the intoxicated woman in this story, but still.

Fake News is one thing but these “News Outlets” are Priming the Pumps Chumming the Waters and Burning People Down Unjustly.