Celebrating the Life of Ian Stuart Donaldson

By TPS Staff

Ian Stuart Donaldson, the late singer of the genre-defining Rock Against Communism (RAC) band, Skrewdriver, was born today on the 11th of August, 1957. He would have been 61.

Ian’s tumultuous life led him to the forefront of the worldwide National Socialist youth movement, and made him a household name synonymous with Pro-White music and the violence associated with the NS skinhead subculture. He was personally responsible for waking up tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of White youth to our racial heritage in the pre-Internet era between the late 1970s and his untimely death in 1993. Without his efforts, it is very likely that National Socialism would have withered after the collapse of Rockwell’s organization in America, and the correlated worldwide disunity suffered by the Movement’s loss of the Commander.

With his burly, tattooed frame and menacing glare, Ian Stuart made it cool to be a tough White kid. Despite his rough exterior, Ian was at heart very kindly and sympathetic to the damaged young people he encountered. He wanted his fellow Gen Xers to give up the hedonistic ways of drug abuse and the nihilism felt by many kids overwhelmed with the possibility of nuclear extinction during the Cold War era. His music gave a voice to the working class youth who were abandoned and forgotten by their parents and the society that only saw them as expendable wage slaves and cannon fodder for the Zionist Imperium.

Rather than dwell on the loss of our brother Ian, today we should celebrate the life he lived, and the selflessness and devotion he showed to our Race. It was no secret that the jews and their shabbos goyim offered Ian bags of money and superstardom to recant his views. He never wavered in his beliefs and lived in near-poverty, dependent on his many friends and fans for the support they gladly gave him to continue his work.

Sleep well, Ian. We will never forget you and we will keep fighting in your name until the Gods call us to join you in Valhalla.