Those Who Want To Live, Let Them Fight

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By Dominick,


If you live in Europe, or in the United States, your country was founded on the values of your white European ancestors. Only you, their descendants, can continue to maintain, implement, and positively evolve what they have created. Your nation is your inheritance. Your culture is your inheritance. Your land is your inheritance. The benefits created by the efforts of your ancestors were meant for you alone. It is your birthright. To stand idly by, while enemies and outsiders rob you of that birthright, is not only a neglect of your duty but also an act of cowardice. It will sabotage the future of your descendants and dishonor the sweat and blood of those who came before you.

Defending what is yours is not an insane act of senseless hate, but the most natural expression of personal love. We do not fight because we wish to destroy other groups of people, but only because we wish to preserve and improve what already belongs to us. Ensuring that we leave behind something of value for those who will follow in our footsteps. Our children deserve better than growing up in an alien land, whose natural resources have already been depleted and destroyed. A land where they are a minority in their own homes. Where their interests are ignored, while other groups receive special treatment from the state. Or where they are helpless victims of the violence of a foreign majority. Similar to the current conditions in South Africa, where white families are being ruthlessly slaughtered.

Unfortunately, we can already see this happening. Outsiders and enemies have taken over many positions of power. They control our economy, our justice system, our healthcare, our education, our entertainment, our news media, our food production, and our government. These are not people who share our interests or the interests of our ancestors. They have acquired power only to implement their own interests and to profit from taking advantage of our people. They have withered our strong communal values and have implemented a culture of consumerism, degeneracy, and shallow egoism. Our interests are constantly being demonized, while other races are not only encouraged to act as a group, but also receive special treatment as an “oppressed minority.” They not only shame our culture, but tear down our monuments and rewrite our history, without any fear of retaliation.

Every year there are more people being born, or arriving in our nations, that do not share our purpose. They do not share our values or way of life. They do not share the blood in our veins, that has been given to us by our ancestors. They do not care about their struggles or sacrifices. They do not care about honoring them or preserving what they have created. Every year, piece by piece, our place in the world is being removed. If we fail to do anything, then it will be our sons and daughters who suffer because of it.

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A Return To Honor

While it is true that we face powerful enemies from without, our greatest enemy comes from within. This enemy is our weakness and our cowardice, from which our enemies have taken significant advantage.

For too long, white advocacy groups have hidden behind their suits and ties, begging for the masses to give them the permission to succeed. Their goal is to sneak their way into the corrupt political system of their masters, hoping to alter it in our favor from within. In spite of minor political successes having been achieved, they have mostly served to keep us temporarily content; watering down our inner fire and keeping us from achieving absolute victory. We’ve been moving at a snail crawl for 100 years, while our enemy’s diseased agenda continues to spread like wildfire.

It is time to accept that true victory does not depend on the system itself, but instead on removing ourselves from it. Our goal should not be the preservation of what is already broken. We must allow it to destroy itself and create something that will outlast its inevitable downfall. Doing so will require a significant shift in our goals and strategies.

First of all, we must no longer cater to the masses. It is not necessary, or even desirable, to attract every dim-witted citizen of our nations. The main objective is not the winning over of hearts and minds, but rather the attraction of strength, of blood, and of honor. We cannot achieve a superior society by filling it with the same filth that has allowed this one to be destroyed.

No longer shall we allow anyone to shame us into handing away our power. We will no longer disavow our heritage or our sacred symbols at the first outcry of RACIST or VILLAIN. We will no longer hide behind the neutral uniforms of our corporate masters, hoping that not being recognized will protect us from the mindless barbarism of the majority.

Secondly, we will halt focusing our energy entirely on digital propaganda, allowing us to begin to organize and create tangible tribes. This must be an absolute priority. Like-minded people must come together, combine their resources, and work hard to achieve their independence. The best form of propaganda is not the creation of pictures and videos, but the creation of a living example of our Weltanschauung. Most people do not believe that there is another possible way of life, other than the one that has already been handed to them. They have no sense of vision or of personal power. Once an alternative option has been created, and its superiority has been displayed, it can no longer be overlooked. Those who have the capability to recognize its value will flock to it, in search of the same fulfillment that we seek for ourselves.

Most people living in the modern world, experience extreme inner feelings of emptiness, of loneliness, and of purposelessness. We have become so accustomed to the sickness that surrounds us, that many don’t even realize that they are infected. Their only means of coping with this sickness has been consumerism, substance abuse, and temporary physical relationships. But as time goes on, these distractions will no longer subdue those feelings. The only cure is culture, family, and community. This is what we must create, and we cannot do that as individuals, hiding behind our computers.

Lastly, we must recognize that there is still hope for our young and we must give them an opportunity to reach their ultimate potential. It is in our interests to develop community groups that are dedicated to the development of our young men and women. As the groups that currently exist have long been degraded from their initial intentions.

Young boys need an example of which to follow. An example that will guide them on the path to achieving their masculine birthright. They must be given a chance to experience being a man among other men, as well as facing hardship together as a tribe. They must compete against each other, while also learning to work together for a shared destiny. They must be educated in masculine morality, independence, skill building, and personal defense.

At the same time, we must restore the qualities that are most valuable in our young women. Society was not built upon a competition between the sexes but upon their necessary cooperation. The feminine qualities that women have to offer are unique to them and are significantly more valuable to us than women who compete in the masculine realm. Women who have been told their femininity is a prison, rather than a precious gift, have been robbed of their most glorious purpose.

It is men who tame the wild and make civilization possible. But it is women who give that civilization meaning and provide men with something worth fighting for. Women also ensure that our people will live on, and by raising our children well, that we will continue to experience an upward evolution.

Take some time to think about these words and to plan your future carefully. Think about the man or woman that you wish to become. Will your ancestors smile upon you from above? Or will they be ashamed of how far we have fallen? Behind us are many gods and goddesses. Many heroes and heroines. Many conquerors and queens. Many fathers and mothers.

What lies ahead of us is up to you. Depending on what you decide, it may very well be our extinction.