Ding Dong The Bastard Is Dead

By Karl Radl

The passing of John McCain – the long-serving United States Senator for Arizona and de-facto leader of the pro-Israel lobby in the United States government – (1) is an event that I have looked forward to ever since I first became politically active in 2003.

I normally respect the dead, but John McCain is a man who was responsible for bringing so much evil into the world. From promoting open borders for the United States (2), to promoting the interests of Israel rather than those of the American people (3), to sacrificing 4,424 American lives – and changing another 31,952 irrevocably – in the 2003 invasion of Iraq that he so ardently championed on made-up grounds in Israel’s interests. (4)

McCain has been an unrepentant scion of pure evil throughout almost the entirety of my adult life.

Predictably, this is completely opposite of the view espoused by Israeli leaders and voters across the whole spectrum of politics in that country (5) and their styling of McCain as a ‘principled hero’ in both the Israeli media (6) as well as jewish-controlled in the United States like the New York Post. (7)

This – as Ben Splint has observed – (8) is a hoary old myth as McCain was both a political dinosaur and a traitor to the American people, but an extremely good Israeli patriot.

Now that McCain is dead the Devils in hell have a new favourite plaything.


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