The True Nature and Purpose of the Police

By: Dennis

The following article is a product of personal experiences, testimonies, reports and critical thinking.

“Somebody call the police!” – Deluded Citizen

Most people, when witnessing a crime, will subconsciously parrot this pointless request and someone nearby will almost always follow through on it, without ever stopping to think why. Surely the Police will arrive in the nick of time and stop the crime just like they do in those trendy television shows? Surely they’ll come skidding around the corner as the blue lights and sirens arrest the attention of nearby people? Surely two dedicated plain-clothes detectives will emerge from the car and take down this terrifying man brandishing a knife? Surely they’ll… oh no wait, she’s dead!

The fact of the matter is that the Police can only arrive after a serious crime has been committed. They arrive, survey the scene, interview witnesses, take evidence and leave. If the friends and family of the victim are really lucky, the Police might catch the killer later on, depending on whom he is and who he’s connected with, mind you. If he’s connected to political big-wigs or certain special “minority” groups, the friends and family of the victim can forget about ever seeing the killer in cuffs. Justice will not be done.

So, if the police can only arrive after a crime has been committed, they cannot protect nor serve, right? Well, not exactly. The common misconception with regards to the whole “protect and serve” nonsense is that this applies to the people, when in actuality, it really doesn’t. The Police exist to protect and serve the System – the current political regime. If you don’t believe me, then why are the Police more concerned with “hate speech”? And why do they spend more time investigating “hate crimes” than they do trying to arrest and prosecute the Arabs and Negroes who murder and rape White British women and children? Are the feelings of racial aliens, who we stupidly and narrow-mindedly imported to work in our factories after the Second World War, more important than the very lives and safety of our women and children? To the sane, rational and White guilt-cleansed individual, no they’re not. But to the fluorescent attack dogs and the other System pigs they most definitely are.

Further evidence of the Police being attack dogs of the System is how they treat Nationalists.

Someone once told me about a Nationalist who was constantly harassed by Police for simply being a Nationalist. They would smash his mobile phones and constantly threaten him with arrest, all because he didn’t follow the party line.

Armed raids at 4am and the removal of children from the arms of Nationalist mothers and fathers are common plays for the Police. The planting of evidence and the manufacturing of false statements and testimonies are also in their play-book because, in the name of Democracy, no act is too far. Just ask our fallen kinsmen – the German National Socialists, who had their eyes gouged out and their tongues cut out for trying to save Europe from Stalin’s hate-riddled and monstrous Red Army. Churchill and Eisenhower allied themselves with a man whose army was responsible for millions of rapes and acts of torture against women and children of our own race. This should give you an idea of the kind of people who take action in the name of Democracy. They are utterly irredeemable, rotten and soulless.

“The Police are a symbol of justice, law and order. If you’re against them you’re a leftist!” – The Right-wing

To further reveal the type of individual that lies inside that sickly florescent jacket, I’m going to tell you a story about a police constable who looked the other way while a doorman stamped on the head of an intoxicated man:

It was a Friday night, the music was loud and the drinks were flowing. One man had a few too many and he was becoming quite a pain. He became incredibly antagonistic toward the bar staff, hurling obscenities and aggressive gestures. And so he was dragged toward the door and his head was used to open it. This is nothing out of the ordinary, it happens all the time. What is out of the ordinary however, is what happened after he was dragged outside.

After a few minutes of him ranting and raving about his “human rights” he started to become aggressive with his gestures again. At this moment, a police constable approached the man and asked him what the problem was. The man responded with drunken mumbles of how his “rights” had been violated. The constable nodded as he stroked his chin. He then approached the doorman and began to speak to him, making a conscious effort to keep his voice low so the man couldn’t hear.

Pointing ensued and nodding swiftly followed. The constable then approached the man who was now laid on the concrete, walked straight past him and crossed the road. The doorman did the same but he didn’t walk past him; he instead sent his boot crashing down on the skull of the unfortunate man. The man’s head bounced off the pavement with a remarkably loud crack that echoed down the side alley. The constable then reached for his radio as he began to walk back across the road. A few minutes later a police van turned up with several other constables, they cuffed the man, threw him in the back of the van and drove off.

The question of whether what transpired was right or wrong is irrelevant. What is relevant though is the fact that someone who is supposed to uphold “the law” and protect the community looked the other way as Grievous Bodily Harm was committed right in front of him. And how many other cases have come to the surface under the guise of, as the media puts it, “police incompetence” or “police negligence”?

The Rochdale, Rotherham, Newcastle and Telford child rape cases are the most recent manifestation of “police incompetence” or “police negligence”, but it doesn’t have anything to do with incompetence or negligence and here’s why. In the 1980’s, a conservative, who was a member of Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet, raped one of our girls: Melanie Shaw.

Melanie Shaw was convicted on some bullshit charge in a secret court at the behest of the British Prime minister, Teresa May. The real reason for Melanie’s sentencing was for speaking out about something which would completely shatter public confidence and trust in the Conservative party, and Teresa May couldn’t have that.

The police aren’t incompetent or negligent; they know exactly what they’re doing. The reason they covered up and still continue to cover up the rapes and murders of our children is because the pigs of the System (politicians, cabinet ministers, speakers, Lords, etc.) are criminals and child rapists too.

I’m going to make one final addition to this section, and that addition is that the police and the System know exactly what they are. Why do you think they spend millions on community outreach programs and reality television programs that falsely show how good they are at their jobs and how they serve the “good” of the community?

People naturally harbour a deep distrust of the police. As a child and as a teenager, I used to get incredibly apprehensive when I saw the police. I’d immediately stop what I was doing and saying and go into a state of alert. I would remain in this state until the police constables had vanished from sight, and even then I’d keep scanning the area every now and again. What is important to mention here is that I hadn’t broken “the law”, so according to most people, I had nothing to worry about, but I still treated them with the utmost suspicion, as though I had broken “the law”, it was a natural instinct, a response to what I subconsciously perceived to be a threat.

I would hazard a guess that many people have had similar experiences and have acted the same way toward the police without even thinking about it. So the only thing we can deduce from this is that we have a natural suspicion and distrust of the police. Whether this is a product of evolution (the honing of our defence mechanisms) or an inner-voice telling us that they’re a threat to us is unknown. But it’s definitely something to think about.

“No One is Above the Law” – Everyone

There are untold numbers of people who actually believe that “the law” applies to everyone and is followed by everyone, even the System pigs. But before we can shatter this illusion we need to first understand what “the law” really is.

The law is the master’s rules for his slaves. These man-made laws are constantly changed to provide the System and its pigs with security, to protect them from physical justice and political dissidents. If you try and expose the truth about the jew, child-raping cabinet ministers, or the Arabs and Negroes that are killing and raping our women and children, and it’s the dock for you, with a guaranteed reward of generous prison time. Hate speech, inciting racial hatred and anti-Semitism are some of the charges that will be brought against you, and if they can’t find the evidence to support these charges? They’ll bring forth circumstantial or even downright manufactured evidence to suggest that you were planning acts of “terrorism”.

Meanwhile, The Lords are having their way with children, politicians are employing spin doctors and “fixers” to cover up any and all illegal activities they’ve been involved with, and the police are coercing suspects into admitting to crimes they didn’t commit so they can keep those conviction rates up.

If you think I’m talking rubbish, the following names should jog your memory: Rochdale, Rotherham, Newcastle, Telford. A few months after the Telford revelation, another truth was revealed and the heinous crimes of several police officers were brought to light. These supposed “protectors” and men of “justice” had been involved in child rape. You can now start to see why they covered up the rapes of our children in Rochdale, Rotherham, Newcastle and Telford, and why they covered up the crime of a Tory politician who raped Melanie Shaw in the 1980s. The racial aliens aren’t the only ones raping and killing our women and children, the System pigs are doing it too, and they’ve been doing it for a long time!

Let’s look at a couple of examples from across the pond.

Gordon Kahl was a noble and perceptive man who saw how the fruits of his labour were being stolen from him and how they were being used fund the existence of sub-human politicians, slimy bureaucrats, deceptive statesmen and the parasitic jew he called the “synagogue of Satan”. In 1967, he decided to stop paying his taxes. Now let’s remember that apparently, the police are meant to protect the people from harm, so with this in mind, why did a couple of US Marshalls intercept him and open fire on him and his son in 1983? Is tax revolt a physical threat to the safety of the people? No, of course not. They said it was because he violated his parole, but the real reason they went after him is because he was influencing others to stop paying their taxes. The police ENFORCE “the law”- the rules of the master. Their purpose is not protect and serve the people, it’s to protect and serve the System (the master), and to make sure the people are being good slaves by OBEYING “the law”. If people are not following the master’s rules and rocking the boat, the police, or in this case the federals, will “deal” with them.

The final example I’m going to use is the siege of Waco.

In 1993, David Koresh and his followers, the Branch Davidians, came to believe that the apocalypse was imminent. They set up a commune in Waco, Texas, and stock piled supplies and weaponry.

Upon hearing about this, the ATF (alcohol, tobacco and firearms) wasted no time in paying them a visit.

Dark uniforms, assault rifles and flash-bangs greeted the Branch Davidians. They fired on the ATF after flash-bangs were thrown through the windows. The ATF then retreated and contacted Janet Reno, the Attorney General of the United States at the time. This was quite an embarrassing outcome for the federals; after all, no one resists the almighty federal government! After a fifty one-day siege, Janet Reno gave the order for the special “hostage rescue” task force to assault the compound with tanks. These tanks did not have explosive shells, but instead had gas canisters. The tanks started smashing into the sides of the buildings and flooding them with gas. Around this time, the Branch Davidians had resorted to using kerosene lamps as the ATF had cut the power. When one of the tanks smashed into a wall of the main section of the building and started flooding it with gas, a kerosene lamp was knocked over and the whole place went up in flames. Around ninety men and women were killed, Koresh included.

And so again we have to ask why the ATF assaulted the compound. Koresh and the Branch Davidians were protected by the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, so it wasn’t for the stock pile of weapons they had. There’s no law against building a compound and living in the sticks like there is in Britain, so it couldn’t have been that, and they weren’t a threat to the safety of the people either.

The reason for the ATF raid was because Koresh and his followers had dropped out of the System. They were no longer dependent on it for security and survival, and that is a huge no-no for the System and its pigs. Imagine if other people had followed suit? They’d eventually lose their grip on the people. The System would be in absolute jeopardy without the support of the lemmings (masses).

I know the federal and police powers in the US are different and more brazen than the ones here in Britain but that’s irrelevant, as they both “serve and protect” the same entity – the System.

Hopefully this has given you an understanding of what you’re dealing with. You have a morally corrupt, secret police task force within your homeland that could, at any given time, come crashing into your world and tear your life apart, bringing distress and suffering to your loved ones. They have no honour, no remorse, and no compassion. So see to it that your honour is your loyalty to your kinsfolk, and that your compassion is for your kinsfolk ONLY.

The point of this article was not to incite hatred against the police (they do that for themselves), but to really drive home that they are not like us. They are not our friends, they do not “protect and serve” us, they do not play by the rules and their loyalty is to the System ONLY.

The Right-wing can’t understand this, they’ll call you a liberal, a leftist and a communist if you try and explain this to them. They have the dangerous delusion that the police are still made up of 6-foot Bobbies in smart black uniforms with wooden billy clubs. The kind of police who held back thousands of communist jews when Oswald Mosley was giving a speech, the kind of police who would pile straight into a group of anti-fascists, billy clubs a-swinging. But even then, their ultimate purpose, as it still is today, was to be a counter-revolutionary unit in disguise. The police are praetorians of the modern world.

I want to stress one final thing before I conclude this article. Now that you know the true nature and purpose of the police, DO NOT suddenly start being overtly antagonistic toward them. This will result in them eventually learning that you view them as an enemy. You should instead follow Code 12 of the 14 Codes of Aryan Pagan Ethics: “Be as cunning as the fox with enemies and skraelings, as their goal in your extinction.”

If you follow this code, you’ll have the upper-hand in most situations and I can almost guarantee that they’ll underestimate you, which may, if you’ve had the proper physical and mental training, be the last mistake they ever make…

“We must secure the existence of our people and future for White children.

Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”