Jews Attempt Last Minute Trickery to Stop Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

By Grandpa Lampshade

I’ll admit, I don’t know that much about Brett Kavanaugh, but as the old saying goes, you can tell a lot about a man by his enemies. The leftists (read jews) have been acting as though this guy is ready to force them into court-ordered physical labor which, though I wish it were true, I have to believe it simply isn’t. Perhaps they’re worried that Trump is about to make all six million of the Q anon prophesies come true and he’ll have a court that will back him. Or, it could be the usual Jew neurosis showing up once again. The last option is where my money lies, by the way. Anyway, since the usual hype attempting to get the vagina niggers all worked up over “Muh abortions” hasn’t worked, they’ve had to intensify the jewing.

A Democratic senator said Thursday that she has ‘information’ about Judge Brett Kavanaugh that she has referred to federal investigators, just a week before the U.S. Senate is scheduled to vote on his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Ah, the old “We’ve received some last minute super-secret information” routine. Sounds legit.

Feinstein is a liberal California Democrat who has called on her colleagues to slow down the march toward confirming President Donald Trump’s pick to succeed Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Feinstein’s a liberal, eh? Is that one of those new slang terms for rat faced kike?


Meet Diane Feinstein, the voice for liberalism and vagina niggers across the nation. She just so happens to be a jew.

She hasn’t said what the information is, but reports swirled on the margins of Congress that it concerns a woman whom Kavanaugh knew in high school, decades ago.

Seriously? This is what we’re now down to? Information from an anonymous female that the guy hasn’t seen since high school graduation? Don’t laugh goyim, we live in the new modern era where a woman can make any accusation with no evidence and it has to be true because vagina and victim.

The New York Times reported Thursday that sources believe the accusation relates to sexual misconduct. The Times also reported that Feinstein received the letter ‘this summer’ – meaning she may have held onto it for dramatic effect at an inopportune moment for Republicans.

Sexual misconduct from high school. If that’s the new standard then I can tell you that every single man in America can be disqualified from anything.

Debra Katz, a Washington, D.C. lawyer best known for representing women who make ‘#MeToo’-style accusations against powerful men, is reportedly representing the unnamed woman. Katz was seen leaving Capitol Hill on Wednesday night.

Debra Katz is a … wait for it…oh you’re never going to guess this one…





…and there came a lone voice in the wilderness, speaking up for all of the victims of the # (pronounced pound) me too vagina niggers and her name was Debra Katz.

Sen. Dick Durbin, an Illinois Democrat, told the Associated Press that Feinstein’s potential bombshell has been referred to the FBI.

Black militants threatening white people at the polls? Meh. Antifa terrorists attacking people for their political opinions? Yawn. Information from a random woman about something that may have happened back in high school with no proof? We’ll get right on it!

A tight-lipped Feinstein released a ryptic statement Thursday afternoon saying that the woman who provided the information about Kavanaugh ‘strongly requested confidentiality, declined to come forward or press the matter further, and I have honored that decision.’

(By the way, does the Daily Mail not hire proof readers?)

Now it’s not enough that women can accuse you of anything with no proof and it’s up to you to prove that they’re wrong. Now they don’t even have to let you know who they are.


“Stop the war on women”. Bitch you’d better hope that we don’t ever actually decide to wage war on you because I’ll tell you, the magic of the vagina is wearing off real quick.

Buzzfeed claimed Thursday that it believes it knows who Kavanaugh’s potential accuser is, and has for at least a week, but hasn’t been able to reach her to confirm it.

Well there ya go: Buzzfeed says they actually know who she is so it must be totally real. I bet Bob Woodward is working on his next book as we speak.

A White House spokeswoman complained about the timing of the vague and gauzy revelation.

The Trump White House: complaining when a Jew sticks a knife in their back for the six millionth time in the past six months.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, she said, had ‘promised to “oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have,” and it appears he is delivering with this 11th hour attempt to delay his confirmation.’

And Chuck Schumer is…my greatest ally ever worried about the future of freedom and democracy?

LOL Nope. Just another subversive kike.

Kupec added that the FBI had already ‘thoroughly and repeatedly vetted Judge Kavanaugh, dating back to 1993, for some of the most highly sensitive roles.’

Yes but obviously they failed to apply the new standard: finding random women from your entire history dating back to kindergarten to ask if they may think you may have said or done something that now umpteen years later they find to be offensive.

Feinstein received her information in a roundabout fashion. The Intercept reported late Wednesday that the alleged incident was described to someone affiliated with Stanford University, who then wrote to Democratic Rep. Ana Eshoo, who represents the area.

Back in my day this was referred to as gossip.

Eshoo passed the letter to Feinstein, but neither lawmaker will describe what’s in it. Eshoo’s office says it’s considered part of an active and confidential constituent-service case.

Feinstein is closely guarding it, refusing to share it even with her fellow Judiciary Committee Democrats.

What in Judge Kavanaugh’s records are Republicans hiding?’ Feinstein exclaimed.

Meanwhile we look at the Supreme Court to take a quick look at the Judges already sitting on the bench…

One has to believe that at some point, even the most strident NAJALTer hits a breaking point where they just can’t deny the hook nosed presence when it comes to all things subversive and destructive in their society. When and where that point is I can’t tell you because apparently it varies from person to person. For the average boomer it would appear to be well over six million, but hopefully for everyone else it’s somewhat lower. If you’re having a hard time wrapping your mind around this and accepting this hard reality just remind yourself that at roughly 2% of the population, these Jews sure do seem to come up real often when it comes to these things.

I realize that after a lifetime of programming this can be a very difficult thing to accept. However, here’s the thing: imagine that you’ve been kept in an information prison your entire life. In this prison the guards abuse you constantly and the conditions you’re in get worse every day. Then one day you realize that you’ve had the key to your chains in your hand all along. The guards, fearing you are going to unchain yourself threaten to call you all sorts of names if you decide to unlock the shackles. So what do you do? Remain chained or free yourself? In the end, the choice is yours.

unchain yourself