Kansas City, 1946

This is a superbly timed article, as ShieldWall Network Coordinator Billy Roper just returned from a weekend-long conference training White Nationalist activists in a seminar setting in the Kansas City area. The seminar attendees, though, were not only from Kansas and Missouri, but Iowa, Nebraska, and Wyoming, as well. While there, he got a good look at KC today, and talked about its demographic situation with locals. It’s been a long decline since the end of W.W. II. More to come on that activism conference and its results for the ShieldWall Network soon…

by Paul Jones

A year after the end of W.W. II, the N.A.I.A. tournament of basketball was soon to get underway. However, one of the teams invited, Indiana State coached by Johnny Wooden, had a Negro player as a substitute and, when informed that if the team wanted to participate it would have to leave that player behind, Wooden notified the tournament committee that Indiana State would not be participating that year.

Throughout his coaching career, including the legendary N.C.A.A. championship teams at U.C.L.A. during the Sixties, Johnny Wooden exemplified Christian morality and virtue. One could truly say that he was a Christian gentleman in every sense of the word. In his autobiography, “They Call Me Coach,” one of the black players in describing the fairness of Wooden said “He doesn’t see color.”

At the time of this basketball tournament in 1946 in Kansas City, Missouri there were other Christian gentlemen from other parts of the country, particularly the South, who went along with the Whites only policy and who must have felt offended that another coach would try to take the “high moral ground” and imply that it was unchristian or immoral to not allow black participants in the tournament.

However, slowly but surely over the next several decades, not only would Wooden’s position be maintained and expanded, but the White, Southern, Christian gentlemen would eventually “have the rug completely pulled out from under” them as far as being able to maintain their Christian belief system along with being able to support segregation of blacks and Whites. So the next generation of Southern Whites, from the middle and upper classes particularly, would have to keep quiet about their “heart of heart” beliefs and ideas about racial differences between blacks and Whites if they didn’t want to become social pariahs.

At the same time, the Jewish and W.A.S.P. Northern intellectuals had a “field day’ against any scattered resistance there was to the concept of equality between blacks and Whites, especially in terms of intellectual abilities. Most of the time, any such attempt by Whites to bring such differences out rationally was simply attacked as “Nazi propaganda,” and there were plenty of pseudo-intellectual tracts and books proclaiming, in a seemingly scientific way, that any differences in intellectual achievement between blacks and Whites was due to segregation, the legacy of slavery, social class differences or a combination of all three.

In short, Kansas City, 1946 was to be multiplied by the hundreds over the next few decades and Wooden would be seen as one of the far-sighted members of the moral vanguard of social change, one who represents the best of the United States as opposed to the worst.

Where Wooden fell down, though still being a great man who led an exemplary Christian life, is that he, like many other Americans caught up in the Jewish-liberal or moral conservative position of the times, failed to see that U.S. society, once the segregation of blacks and whites was eliminated thanks to people like him, would then become like a table once supported by four legs, one of which has fallen off and thus causes the entire system of support to become totally unstable.

The other three legs-Christian religion, vigorous capitalism and a heavily majority population group of European descent also rapidly began to become less stable, since with the change of the immigration laws in 1965 the numbers of European-Americans has steadily decreased as an overall percentage of population, and growing rates of inter-racial marriage and high levels of abortion have also pushed their numbers lower and lower.

I’m sure that as Johnny Wooden neared the end of his life, he must have been shocked by the loss of moral values of most of U.S. society-crime, violence, promiscuity, drugs, etc. Like many others on the Christian Right such as Jerry Falwell and Billy Graham, I’m sure he looked for other causes besides the root one, that of the fallacy of racial equality. But the fact the he, and most others like him, have never been able to see the myth of racial equality for what it really is, doesn’t change the reality. As the saying goes, “You can’t fool mother nature.”