The Other France

Original article published on November 25th 2018 by JL Antonaya at

Translation by Kolarov

I am proud to be descended from the first Spaniards that defeated Napoleon. I love remembering battles like Pavia or St. Quentin. I hate those dykes that during the French Revolution rejoiced on the bloody morbidity of beheadings while crocheting next to the guillotines.

It always seemed disgusting to me the intervention of the Hundred Thousand Sons of Saint Louis who came from France to support the tyranny of Ferdinand VII.

When somebody talked to me about France I couldn’t help but associate that word to motherfuckers like Giscard d’Estaing or Mitterrand, 33 degrees of the freemasonry, that lovingly took in ETA terrorists and were always ready to fuck us over.

That masonic, liberal, deeply anti-Spanish France clouded my vision from the other France, the patriotic and educated France, that next to Pétain, envisioned the dream of a greater and more just Europe. The heroic France of the Charlemagne Division, of Dien Bien Phu, of the OAS and the GUD, that brave and rebellious crew of students from which our dear mascot comes from, the Black Rat.

Getting to know this other France made me abandon my prejudices and consider some historical events from a different perspective.

Although I always found the guillotine as something revolting, I have to recognize its therapeutic efficiency against diseases like overzealous clericalism and the Bourbonic plague. If this sinister artifact had been used at the time against the inept pawns of the NWO, we might have been better off, who knows.

Today, when the descendants of this brave and worthy France are persecuted like us by the fanatic inquisitors of the political correctness and the sanhedrins that sponsor genocidal multiculturalism, understanding turns into sympathy for the comrades that fight for Europe from the other side of the Pyrenees.

The ones who fight so Paris stops being a slum of an African city are brothers of the ones who don’t want the Lavapiés neighbourhood to be a jihadist emirate or the Tetuán neighborhood to become a cartel of Amerindian gangs.

We are both enemies of this globalizing cabal that, by bringing the Third World to Europe, are turning Europe into a Third World sewer.