Dancing around the midnight fire
Praising that which manifests higher.
The Gods of Truth these men adore;
Timeless customs now mythic lore.

Perchance a wanderer smug and prideful
His eye doth gaze upon this ritual.
“Unreal existence – oh, how frightful!”
Hear him speak, recoiling instinctual.

Silence falls upon the ceremony
Men turn slowly to face their enemy.
Of this stranger one doth quip,
“A God among men do explain your task!”

“Methods, science, logic do I consider!
To seek what’s real be my holy quest.”
The man of inquiry gazed upon this figure
Hubris; a man he thinks he doth be deft.

These men of ritual do proclaim,
“Be on your way, friend without name!
But on your journey avoid this blunder:
Never doth man reach out and touch number.”