The Necessity of Extremism

We can see that ‘extremist’ is simply a propagandistic synonym for ‘enemy of the System’ while ‘moderate’ translates to ‘friend of the System’. »

Crime Statistics in Germany

In the wake of the so called “migrant crisis”, racialists predicted a massive surge of crime and terrorism in Germany. This prediction was based on the biological characteristics of the in-flowing migrants »

Thou Shalt Live On With Us

“Typical of his S.A. foot soldiers was the young law student Horst Wessel, whose diary we now have. Aged just nineteen, he had joined the Party that autumn. »

Saint Catherine de Ricci on the Jews

Saint Catherine de Ricci was a sixteenth-century Italian Catholic saint, famed as a Benedictine mystic and visionary. She is one of the lesser known of the Catholic saints, but one who bears a look, considering her views of the jews as being responsible for the murder of Jesus Christ »

Sola Sanguis: A Volkist Credo of Blood

Despite growing popularity, Volkist paganism is not well understood. In our circles, it’s often derided as inauthentic. To those within a Christian framework, our beliefs lack metaphysical assertions and theological substance. »