Originally published at http://theroperreport.whitenationalists.net/2019/02/09/darreian-feudalism-our-future-ethnostate-government/ 1

By Billy Roper

Coordinator, The ShieldWall Network

The coming civil war and Balkanization of America will see a reversal  of urbanism and the Jewish cosmopolitanism it feeds like an artery  delivering the life blood of an organism to its parasites. The most  ‘diverse’ areas racially, the coastlands and cities, are the most  populous, and the more rural areas of the currently United States, such  as the West, Midwest, and Upper South, are the most homogeneously White.

Walther Darre was a National Socialist philosopher who developed the  idea of ‘Blood and Soil’, the concept that a people are most healthy  when they are tied to the land as their own racial nation, or  ethnostate. It is for this reason that the cultures of the future White  ethnostates in Ozarkia, Appalachia, New Albion, and Heartland will  differ from one another, as well they should. The regions differ  demographically, climatically, and topographically, as well.

Similar to Darre’s ‘back to the land’ movement which gave rise to the  desire for ‘living space’, the voluntary immigration of White flight  out of racially mixed urban areas to more homogeneous White rural areas  is an ongoing expression of the instinctive ties our Aryan people feel  to nature and to the soil. The essence of the theory involves the mutual  and long-term relationship between a people and the land that it  occupies and cultivates. The essence of the reality is people voting  with their feet to move to places away from dense population centers, to  regions where they are among the majority, and can be more self  sufficient and healthy, both psychologically as well as physically.

With the collapse and implosion of the myth of multiracial democracy  simultaneous to the Balkanization of America will come a return to more  disciplined and trustworthy forms of governance in balance with a more  dispersed population. The false idea of egalitarianism and its resulting  population bottleneck will return society in North America to a more  sane realization of man’s inherent inequality with his fellow man: both  between the races, as well as within ours. It will be recognized  logically that universal suffrage is not to the benefit of our people.  It will be remembered that most of our people, in fact, as all people,  are naturally followers, rather than leaders, and they would be more  comfortable abdicating the more tedious and difficult decisions in life  to others, so long as they are provided with a job and a sense of  purpose and meaning, as well as enough to eat and shelter, et cetera, to  satisfy their basic needs.

Indeed, it is a rank disservice to expect most of our people to make  important choices on their own, or to plan out their own lives, much  less direct the affairs of the nation either directly or indirectly. It is just as cruel and unjust as leaving a person with Down’s Syndrome to  decide how they will feed themselves and survive. Freedom and liberty  are often not gifts; on the contrary, to most people they are simply  burdens which they are not well equipped to bear by themselves.  Furthermore, personal liberties granted at the potential risk of the  best interests of the people as a whole are not beneficial to the common  good. On that, we can all agree.

The multiracial cities will likely become slaughter houses. Millions  may die through violence. Millions more will flee the urban areas as  refugees, possessing few if any skills suited to help them survive the  new reality, and facing a lingering death through starvation or disease,  potentially, without leadership and guidance.

Logically, then, post-Balk America will need local, organic forms of  governance where unskilled urban evacuees and refugees will have a place  of sanctuary and a role, under the guidance of rural land owners and  leaders who will provide protection to them in exchange for their  unskilled labor and loyalty in helping defend the community. We used to  have a name for that kind of system. We called it Feudalism.

Especially if there is a commensurate breakdown in transportation,  communication, technology, and trade, the agricultural output necessary  to feed even a fraction of our people can only be maintained without  modern farm machinery by reverting back to traditional farm machinery:  mass human physical labor. Likewise, with the vacuum of power at the  governmental level, protection and defense of the people and law and  order will require someone at the top of the pyramid.

Whites who have already left diversity behind and relocated to and  established themselves as persons of influence in racially homogeneous  seedbed ethnostate areas in rural regions of the country will naturally  maintain their status as independent freeholders, craftsmen, and  property owners. Some of them may even offer their services to provide  the leadership and governance which those who defer withdrawing from  multiracialism until the Balk occurs will require.

Therefore, allowing for some exceptions in regions where a different  form of government may better suit the spirit and culture of the people,  Darreian Feudalism may well be the future for some of the coming White  Ethnostates.

Will you choose to establish your family now in a majority White  seedbed ethnostate area so you and your children can be the new  nobility? Or will you find an excuse to wallow in diversity until the  time comes when the best hope you have left is to pick someone else’s  crops for them, peasant?