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May 12th 2019

Mr. Carlson,

I’m aware that I am probably the last person you would like to get a  letter from. To be clear, I’m not looking for an interview or attention  or anything like that. I’m writing this as a personal letter to you in  the hope that whoever reads your mail will actually give it to you.

I’ve been meaning to write to you for about a year now, but I’ve been  putting it off. But I knew that I needed to write you sooner rather  than later if I wanted to have any hope of it making a difference. I  watch your show almost every night, and most of the time I enjoy it. You  come across as a genuine person who believes everything he is saying,  whether you’ve written it or not. You seem to know which stories to  avoid – the ones that would force you to compromise your integrity and  beliefs – or the ones that, because of your platform, would force you to  carry water for mainstream conservatism. For example, Steve King and  Ilhan Omar or other stories related to Israel.

The real purpose of this letter is to try to convince you that you are uniquely positioned to do …


… something great. I don’t have any doubt that eventually you will be  taken off the air, regardless of how careful you are. As you know you  stand apart from the other commentators on FOX. But the fact is that you  are still well within the boundaries set for you by the left. You  correctly hate that Republicans and mainstream conservatives’ minds are  controlled by the left, and that they follow the rules created for them  by the left. They truly are controlled opposition – whether they realize  it or not. But you are as well.

You don’t have an issue pointing out the biological realities of sex  difference, and almost seem to consider yourself brave for doing so. But  you would never touch the race question. Imagine if things were to  continue on the path we are on at the moment, without falling apart. Sex  differences would become and absolutely verboten topic just like race  is. And no one, including a future Tucker Carlson type, would dare to  speak about it. It truly is the exact same thing, the difference being  that we are several decades further along with the race propaganda than  we are with the sex propaganda...


… and by that I mean in the total denial of differences. Both racial  differences and sex differences are backed up by science, but you’re  only brave enough to talk (and I suspect, even think) about one, and if  you were living a few decades in the future you certainly wouldn’t be  brave enough to talk about that one either. In the same way, you can  talk about illegal immigration but wouldn’t dare to speak about black on  white crime. Think about that for a moment.

On your show you consistently preface your comments or qualify them  with caveats. I understand why you do it. The problem is that they come  across as weak, as if you are unsure of yourself, and you seem to  believe that without them your opinion may not be morally justifiable.

Nothing you say is anywhere near extreme enough to require a  qualifier or explanation. You don’t need to attempt to establish your  morality before you voice your opinion on something. As you well know,  the only people who would want you to do so hate you anyway. You  apparently understand the concept of never apologizing afterwards – I  only ask that you try to extend that …


… concept to, before or during any potentially offensive comment as  well. Besides, it really does come across as “some of my best friends  are black”–esque.

Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I don’t harbor  any illusions about you. I know that you aren’t a racist or white  nationalist, and most likely don’t like me to say the least. You have  plenty of jews and blacks on your show. I’m not too familiar with the  power structure at FOX but I’m sure you have more than one jew  controlling you in some fashion. I’m aware that you are securely on the  conservative reservation. But at the same time you seem to be a  relatively free thinker.

You decry identity politics when the only effective solution is to  embrace them. As you know, what scares the left more than anything is  the thought of the right adopting their tactics. That is essentially  what white nationalism is. And they have a good reason to fear it,  because if adopted it would be able to resist their machinations. White  nationalism …


… is simply identity politics for whites, and is no more evil –  actually much less so – than identity politics in their non-white form.

Conservatives are losers and you are a loser by extension. Maybe you  don’t even consider yourself a conservative, but that is what you are.  Even if the left were able to be convinced to abandon identity politics,  all blacks became conservative and put American identity first, so on  and so forth, would that actually be a good thing? Conservatives think  so. But assimilation is actually much more dangerous to the survival of  the white race than multiculturalism is.

You have white children and therefore whether you like it or not, you  are invested in the white race. Regardless of whether you want to  accept your white identity or not, the enemies of the white race do  accept it and intend to destroy you for it. Once you accept the fact  that everything going on politically and socially is designed with the  goal of the destruction, displacement, replacement, dispossession,  marginalization, and …


… eventually the outright violent genocide of the White race, it  begins to make a lot more sense. You find racism to be morally  repugnant, why? Why is the acknowledgement of racial differences any  more repugnant than the acknowledgement of sex differences?
Again, this is the left’s control showing itself. It is morally  repugnant because of what they claim results from it. Whether it is  justified factually is irrelevant - we must deny it because of the  alleged harm it causes.
If the “progress” we are currently witnessing today continued unabated,  anyone who continued to deny the equality of men and women would  become the social equivalent of White nationalists today, and would be  denounced by the contemporary Tucker Carlsons.
In reality of course, the denial of race causes much more harm than the  acceptance of it. The denial of race by Whites is what put us in our  current situation to begin with. The adoption of racial identity by  Whites isn’t scary, as you and a guest agreed one night; it’s what must  and will eventually happen if White want to survive. I could go on  interminably but I will get to the real point …


… of this letter instead. You are uniquely positioned because your  high profile to help the White race. When everyone assumes you are an  evil White racist you don’t have anything to lose by becoming one… by  giving them what they think they want. The mistake conservatives make is  the refusal to give the left what it thinks it wants - all the while  thinking their refusal makes them more righteous. Time is running out.  The persecution really begins when we become the minority. We haven’t  seen anything yet. I’m in prison for giving them what they wanted, it’s  true. But it’s also possible to give them what they want without being  violent. Before I went to jail I would pace around literally saying  “I’ll give them what they want”. But that’s beside the point.
My request to you is that when the day comes, and you are taken off the  air, don’t waste what you’ve been given. I can assure you that a large  segment of the nationalist community would welcome you. Some allegedly  already see you as an ally. The alternative is that you will be forced  to water down your show, and thereafter fall into obscurity. If you do  nothing after you are deplatformed, you will fall into …


… obscurity, remembered for nothing. Even if you are somehow able to  maintain a following, no greatness will come with it. Because yours is a  losing ideology. On the other hand, if you are open minded enough to  honestly research and listen to what White nationalists are saying, and  to see that our interests align, you could be a remembered figure in the  historical record. Everyone loves mainstream recognition. The  conservatives crave validity from the left, and likewise the true  far-right would gladly accept recognition by a figure like yourself.
Because of your profile you could instantly become an influential  personality in the movement, assuming you had the humility to admit that  the people there before you may have known things you didn’t, and the  willingness to educate yourself and admit your past mistakes. You could  bring the more mainstream following you currently have over into racial  nationalism, making them more comfortable with the transition.
Please don’t make the mistake of believing there is any hope of avoiding  the inevitable pariah status you will undoubtedly enjoy soon enough.  Leverage it and make a name for yourself that will withstand …


… the test of time. Surprise them with a preemptive strike, liberate  yourself on air, truly shocking them while you ride off into the sunrise  of better things and true greatness, denying them the pleasure of  bringing about your ostensible demise. Begin to cover the disgustingly  brutal racial terrorism Whites are subjected to on a daily basis by  non-White American citizens.
Forgive me while I backtrack for a page or two.
You rightly criticize the SPLC, but I wonder if you are really aware of  what its actual purpose is. The purpose is to discredit or shut down  anyone who even hints at the possibility of the existence of a White  identity.
This is what the hate against Trump for example has always been about.  They see the people who voted for him as the kind that could be  problematic in the future. Potential White nationalists if you will.  People who might not go along with their agenda forever. And if there is  one thing they’re good at it’s nipping things in the bud. You correctly  disagree with the designation of the CIS as a hate group, but I wonder  if you would …


… disagree with that design for other groups I wonder if you  understand that your most extreme White supremacist is in reality only  the equivalent of your average black or jewish person, or any other  non-white for that matter.
The point is that 25 years from now no one would question the CIS design either.
I wonder if you are able to comprehend that the black conservatives you  sometimes have on are only conservative because they very smartly see it  as what’s best for their race. They understand that there is no White  racism and that civic American nationalism furthers their interests for  the black race. This is in direct contrast to White conservatives, who  subscribe to the ideology because they think it’s what’s best for  everyone, and they honestly believe in an unhyphenated American  identity. In other words, black conservatives are actually just  intelligent black nationalists, assuming we had the same criteria for  what is considered a black and White nationalist, which we obviously  don’t.
Take me for example. I’m on death row for …


… attempting to bring attention to the suffering of the White race  (which is far greater that you’re aware of. And that’s not embracing  victimhood, it’s embracing truth). Am I evil? I don’t think I am. I’m no  more evil than the black supremacist that killed 5 police officers in  Dallas.
You’ll remember that Obama qualified/justified his actions in front of the dead’s families directly afterwards.
The double standards won’t miraculously go away, and pointing them out  isn’t petty although we are conditioned to think it is. The  persecution hasn’t even begun in earnest yet. We must accept the  inevitable. That’s all I’m asking of you.
The same dynamic I mentioned about black conservatives applies to jewish  conservatives as well. They certainly don’t care about the country as a  whole, and their loyalties are more than just divided. They are  actually undivided as they only care about what is best the jews. That  has been the case since time immemorial.
I have clearly tried to use the drive of ego …


… to entice you into my camp, but I have good intentions. I hope  that whoever receives your mail will have enough integrity to forward  this letter to you


Dylann Roof

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