The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone — or CHAZ for short — has been one of the more unexpected developments from the Great Oogaboogathon of 2020, with Antifa and a motley assortment of other ‘protesters’ (aka political subversives) occupying a six-block section of Seattle centred around the Seattle East Precinct after the Seattle Police force and their National Guard support abandoned the area. (1)

The Antifa occupiers behaved much like Islamic State did when they took Mosul, according to Evan Bush of the ‘Seattle Times’. (2) Unlike Islamic State’s fighters, however, Antifa are neither particularly armed, disciplined nor motivated to sacrifice their lives and also occupied a meagre six blocks of Seattle rather than an entire large city like Mosul.

As Bush writes, Antifa treated the creation of the CHAZ more like a block party than a revolutionary moment.

To wit:

‘Free snacks at the No-Cop Co-op. Free gas masks from some guy’s sedan. Free speech at the speaker’s circle, where anyone could say their piece. A free documentary movie — Ava DuVernay’s “13th” — showing after dark.
A Free Capitol Hill, according to no shortage of spray paint on building facades. And perhaps most important to demonstrators, the neighborhood core was free of uniformed police.
A new protest society — centered on a handful of blocks in Seattle’s quirky, lefty Capitol Hill — has been born from the movement to push the Seattle Police Department out of its East Precinct building.
On Tuesday, demonstrators hung a banner on the police station: “THIS SPACE IS NOW PROPERTY OF THE SEATTLE PEOPLE.” Teenagers passed a bottle on the exit ramp for police vehicles. A young man carried a long rifle down the sidewalk, despite the mayor’s ban on weapons in Capitol Hill, which has not been clearly enforced.
A man passed out flyers calling for a Thursday meeting to help answer the question now lingering for demonstrators.’ (3)

Bush then asks the obvious question: what’s next?

The problem is, of course, that the CHAZ is a ‘protest society’, not a ‘revolutionary society’ and does not have any hope or opportunity to produce its own food, utilities and supplies and is, as a result, completely reliant on… well… the United States for them.

Despite outlandish claims on Twitter by an assortment of MLP-loving degenerates who claim to be in the CHAZ or ‘represent’ them: the CHAZ will not have received ‘large donations’ or have ‘lots of money’, for the simple reason that it has no way to extract or hold that money, and even if it does, then it is again entirely beholden to the United States on how to spend that money.

Simply put, the CHAZ is no more an ‘autonomous state’ than your average urban squat is.

The difference between the two is merely one of scale, in that the CHAZ is six blocks, whereas an urban squat is usually confined to one building.

Thus, if the CHAZ is effectively an urban squat rather than an attempt to recreate the Paris Commune of 1871 — the comparisons made between the two are nonsensical because the Paris commune was supposed to be a catalyst to a wider rising of French workers against the state whereas the CHAZ is clearly nothing but an urban protest camp/squat – then it follows that the CHAZ is simply an over-sized temporary ‘protest state’ not intended to actually challenge, let alone bring down, the state as a ‘revolutionary state’ would.

If you want to use a comparison to an actual semi-autonomous state, then look to the favelas of Brazil, which function largely independent of the Brazilian government and have their own economies, services, police and paramilitaries. When the Brazilian government wants to do something in a favela, it deploys military force.

All the United States government would have to do to the CHAZ to bring it down is cut off essential services and blockade it. The soft bourgeois teenagers that make up most of Antifa’s membership base would throw in the towel in after two or three days of no water, no electricity, no sewage and no internet.

The CHAZ is, in essence, a bit of anarchist LARPing by Antifa that the state can put down any time it wants to. Had National Socialists done this, you could bet your bottom dollar that the army would have been called in with heavy weaponry and an indiscriminate licence to kill. Hell, if we are being banned from cities like Newark for just being… well… Nazis (4), and Antifa can attempt to secede territory from the United States without a similar response, then it is rather telling who the real revolutionaries are, isn’t it?


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