For years now political viewpoints not aligned with the globalist marxist agenda have been labelled far-right and their proponents Nazis. Thereby, the audience experiences a mental flashback to their conception of what Nazi means and associates it with the accused. Naturally, the audience’s conception of a Nazi is that of an inhuman monster fueled by malevolence and hatred, as portrayed through years of hollywood depictions and news coverage of overweight, bald, tattoo covered men shouting at little black girls. To be a Nazi thus must mean to be one of those comically evil black clad antagonists of the past, or an alcoholic, unemployed high school dropout angry at foreigners for their own failures of the present. The exact image the left wants to summon in the audience’s mind when they call anyone a Nazi. Forcing the audience to disassociate themselves from the accused, after all who would like to be one of those.

However, an association always requires two points of reference. Every time someone is accused of being a Nazi he is added to “the spiritual pool of reference”. This means that in addition to our established villains of the past and blackshirts of today, he becomes a reference for the term Nazi. Historically speaking this kept the “spiritual pool” clean, as those that were called Nazis often fit the frame of reference and were barely distinguishable from what was already thought of as Nazi. Calling Mosley, Commander Rockwell, or your local blackshirt a Nazi didn’t make much of a difference to what the audience already thought of what it meant to be a Nazi.

However, in recent years there has been a great increase in the naming of political opponents as Nazis; even when that political opponent has had nothing to do with Nazi ideology or fascism. Formerly conservative viewpoints are now labelled as fascist, Nazi viewpoints. As stated above, every time something is called Nazi it adds to the spiritual pool of reference. This means that what used to be associated with the word Nazi slowly fades away, as less local blackshirts make it to the News as Nazis and more regular people who hold formerly conservative viewpoints are added. For example, this includes politicians that are in favor of the nation state, or those that talk about welfare migration. People like Jordan Peterson and Trump are also called Nazis, despite being far from it. Nevertheless, they are added to the preconceived notion of what it means to be (a) Nazi.

Formerly the average person, or lemming/npc, flinched at the mere thought of being anywhere close to “nazi viewpoints”, followed by other defensive reactions to disassociate themselves as quickly as possible from whatever was called Nazi. Nowadays, they lost much of that ferocity. They’ll simply state that those viewpoints aren't those of a Nazi and move on. Or if they are on the other side of the political spectrum, more and more viewpoints are added to what they think is a Nazi viewpoint until quite literally everyone they don’t like is a Nazi.

Now this is where YOU come into play. The power that used to be behind calling someone a Nazi has almost completely burned out. People barely react with overwhelming negative opinions to something simply because it is called Nazi, which is perhaps why the left now changes to calling everyone a “White Supremacist”. The spiritual pool of what it means to be a Nazi is no longer predominantly filled with Hollywood villains and bald blackshirts. It’s filled with all kinds of generally socially acceptable viewpoint; such as secure borders, secure communities, wanting low crime rates, and helping your own people before helping (illegal) migrants. The term has become almost void of negative preconceived emotions. Almost.

But what does all this mean for me?
It means that you too add to the spiritual pool of what it means to be a Nazi. Specifically, it means that people will not automatically turn you into a social outcast simply because someone calls you a Nazi. If you then cherish the best aspects of National Socialism - helping your community, being mentally and physically fit, having an articulate opinion and can improve the lives of your friends - it becomes much easier to be a beacon of National Socialism. Or to make it short, when you are the best that you can be and become associated with the term Nazi, you are improving the spiritual pool of reference. And you will be associated, if not with being a Nazi then with being a white supremacist, in the 2020 election and beyond.

When push comes to shove and people say “You’re a Nazi?”, instead of “You’re a nazi!”, you know you have succeeded in improving the image of what it means to be a Nazi.