By Karl Radl

Another so-called ‘Holocaust Survivor’ named Ben Stern has been  making news this week in California at pro-mass immigration protests.

To quote ‘JWeekly’ of California, his story is that:

‘Stern, who lives in Berkeley, gripped the microphone with two hands  as he told of the horrors he witnessed. Stern survived multiple  concentration camps and a deadly forced march from Buchenwald. His  parents and eight siblings were all killed by the Nazis.

“I was picked out and put in a cattle car, and my mother and brother  were put in a different cattle car. We never saw each other again,” he  said. “It was so heartbreaking I didn’t have a chance to cry.”

Stern was liberated by the U.S. Army in 1945 and would later  immigrate to the United States. He was filled with gratitude when he  finally saw the Statue of Liberty. (1)

In a prior article, ‘JWeekly’ added the following details to Stern’s backstory:

‘She was followed at the microphone by Stern, who grew up in a large  Orthodox family in a pre-war Polish village, and survived the Warsaw  Ghetto, Auschwitz-Birkenau and the Nazi-ordered death march out of  Buchenwald as the Allies approached in April 1945.' (2)

Now just think about Stern’s claim here in that he was one of very  few jews who are believed to have been ‘survivors’ of the Warsaw Ghetto  and Auschwitz – apparently there were others, hence the ‘multiple  concentration camps’ reference – and also magically survived the ‘death  march’ from Auschwitz to Buchenwald as well.

We are told that ‘he knows’ his mother and siblings were ‘gassed’  because ‘they were put in a different cattle car’ and ‘he never saw them  again’. In other words: they disappeared and he assumes – without any  evidence other than their absence – that they were ‘gassed’ and didn’t  either survive the war without knowing that he had too or died for any  other possible reason.

He doesn’t sound like the most credible of ‘witnesses’ now, does he?

After all, he magically survived multiple death camps, a death march  and a major ghetto liquidation, and yet he cannot provide any evidence  that any of his family actually ‘died’ in the ‘Holocaust’ and doesn’t  seem to care – like any normal human being would – to try and find any.

Go figure.