The Washington Times has been promoting the ‘Holocaust Survivor’ story of one Gilbert Metz lately, so I thought we’d have a look to see if it is any more sane than the usual incoherent drivel spouted by so-called ‘Holocaust Survivors’.

To wit:

‘In 1943, Gilbert Metz was a 14-year-old living in France, which was occupied at the time by Germany. It was hard time for Jews. They were not allowed to work and could only shop for two hours each day for food and necessities. They couldn’t go to concerts or movies, and they couldn’t meet in groups that had more than eight people. They were not allowed to go to the synagogue and were forced to wear a yellow Star of David displayed on their clothes to identify them as being Jewish.

Gilbert and his entire family were arrested in March 1943 by the Germans. They were loaded into cattle cars that were filled shoulder-to-shoulder with people also making the four-day trip. The dehydration on that trip would leave Gilbert’s aunt dead. Her death would be the first of many deaths Gilbert’s family would experience at the hands of the Nazis.

When they arrived at Auschwitz, the men were separated from the women and children. Lying to the Nazis, Gilbert told them he was 16 instead of 14 so he could stay with his father. It’s a move he believes saved his life. His mother and ten-year-old sister were killed in the gas chamber that same night.

Gilbert would spend the next two years in Auschwitz, where he saw unspeakable horrors.

In an interview before he died, he recalled that difficult time:

“One memory that still haunts me is having to drag people to ditches, douse them with gasoline and set them afire. Some were still alive. There were children, babies … I still hear their screams. Even after I was married, I would wake up screaming in the middle of the night because I could still see the faces. The death of my father is also an experience that haunts me.”

Toward the end of January 1945, when the Russian Army was getting closer to Auschwitz, the whole camp of 50,000 prisoners were marched for seven days in the snow and cold without coats or warm clothing and shoes.

“The rail lines were being bombed, there was heavy watching of the rail lines and so they moved them to the forest,” said Joseph. “If you walked to fast, if you walked too slow, or just if they wanted too, they would shoot you.”

Gilbert father was among the thousands killed in the last mass selection in the days leading up to the march. An additional 40,000 Jews would die on the march to Gross-Rosen.’ (1)

Breaking down Gilbert’s story, we have the plausible claim that he lied about his age at the point of selection at Auschwitz, but then he goes on to assert — without evidence — that his mother and ten year old sister were gassed ‘that same night’. This is par the course for many so-called ‘Holocaust Survivors’, who are used to making claims like this without opposition but without any actual evidence — did he ‘see them’ being ‘gassed’, for example? — then it is just unsupported assumption and hearsay.

Without any actual evidence to the contrary, wouldn’t it be more reasonable to assume that Gilbert’s mother was in fact sent to a satellite work camp and the sister sent to either a satellite work camp or the children’s sub-camp at Auschwitz.

Then we have Gilbert claiming that:

‘One memory that still haunts me is having to drag people to ditches, douse them with gasoline and set them afire. Some were still alive. There were children, babies … I still hear their screams.’ (2)

This is simply nonsensical. The Germans allegedly had hyper-efficient gas chambers and crematoria, so why on earth would they resort to having jews drag other jews into ditches and set them on fire using gasoline as the accelerant?

That wouldn’t even destroy the bodies – although Gilbert may have thought it would – and would have been an extremely poor use of precious gasoline – which was in massive shortage across the Third Reich – that would have impeded the German war effort and likely brought charges against the Camp Commandant Rudolf Höß in an SS court.

It is also completely stupid if you are trying to hide the mass homicidal killing program as the Germans were allegedly doing.

I mean, come on: You can either have ridiculous, open cruelty leading to murder or you can have a secret hyper-efficient mass-gassing program.

You simply cannot have both, as they directly contradict each other!

The simple fact is that Gilbert Metz is clearly making these claims up based on wartime and post-war atrocity propaganda — when this lurid implausible material was often taken as fact — and inserted them into his own ‘experiences’ at Auschwitz.


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