By Karl Radl

Your rulers define your values for you, goyim.

According to the ‘Jewish Daily Forward’ there is an ‘anti-Semitic  hate crime’ court case going on in Bergen County, New Jersey.

To wit:

‘Bergen County, New Jersey police officer Gary Bendit was dismissed  from his job in 2017, along with 26 others, by Sheriff Michael Saudino  after the merger of the county’s police department and sheriff’s office.  But Bendit argues that his seniority and high performance should have  protected him from the layoff, and pointed to Saudino’s discriminatory  history as evidence.

The former officer claims that after Saudino was elected in 2010,  Bendit offered to introduce him to local Jewish organizations, to which  Saudino allegedly retorted, “I don’t need any votes from them.”

Saudino was forced to resign in 2018 when recordings of his racist  and homophobic language were released by radio station WNYC. In these  tapes, Saudino stated that state attorney general Gurbir Grewal, who is  Sikh, acquired his position “because of the turban.” He also asserted  that legislation to legalize marijuana would “let the blacks come in, do  whatever the [expletive] they want,” and asked whether lieutenant  governor Sheila Oliver was gay because she was unmarried.

Following the release of the recordings, 24 current and former  officers sued Saudino for civil rights violations. Andrew Kara, one of  these officers, accused Saudino of fostering an environment of  homophobic verbal abuse.

Saudino, who said he didn’t even know Bendit was jewish, claimed the  lawsuit is “nonsense” and that Bendit is “just jumping on the  bandwagon, like I’m anti-everything in the world.”

Bergen County has had to deal with several anti-Semitic incidents  within taxpayer-funded public departments this year. A local police  officer was suspended for dressing up as an Orthodox Jew for a party,  and a public high school was repeatedly vandalized with swastikas.’ (1)

Now, the problem with all this is that – as Saudino rightly notes –  there is no evidence that Saudino fired Bendit or the 23 other former  police officers for reasons of ‘anti-Semitism’ or ‘homophobia’ - I mean  they can’t all be non-White homosexuals… or can they? –but rather this  is a case of malicious speculative litigation based on the charge that  politically incorrect comments – factual or otherwise – ipso facto  suggest that ‘bias’ was involved in any of the decisions made.

This is obviously hogwash, but with the current highly politicized  state of the US legal system such an insane claim might actually get  somewhere because it caters to the biases of our current degenerate era.

In essence, Bendit is behaving like a typical bandit but in a court of law.