According to there have been two ‘anti-Semitic hate crimes’ in the city of Huntsville, Alabama.

To wit:

‘Just days after two Huntsville synagogues were vandalized with swastikas and other anti-Semitic graffiti, a local rabbi has vowed the local Jewish community will rally and grow stronger.

“If the intention of the hate crime was to bring hate and division in our midst, he failed miserably,” Rabbi Mushka Cohen said in a statement. “Instead, we have a wonderful showing of togetherness and love that I know to be the true character of our community. Our friends and neighbors have been wonderful, and the community at large has certainly turned an act of hate into an outpouring of love.”’ (1) and the ‘Jewish Daily Forward’ failed to cite what the graffiti consisted of in their main articles, but in an earlier article showcased photos of the graffiti with it being spray-painted ‘Jew Scum’ on the asphalt near to the Etz Chaim synagogue and also the word ‘Satan’ on Etz Chaim’s main sign. (2)  In addition to this, ‘Gas Em All!’ was spray-painted on one of the emergency doors showcased by the ‘Jewish Ledger’. (3)

This has predictably led to jews proclaiming – as quoted above – that ‘anti-Semites have failed’ because the ‘community’ – actually just a bunch of local Christian Zionist Bible Belt pastors proclaiming their loyalty to Israel – is supporting the loudly aggrieved jews. (4) Yet there is no actual evidence that this was conducted by an ‘anti-Semite’, but rather just by a skinny man with his face covered in a grey tracksuit who could have been literally anyone.

Claims that he is an ‘anti-Semite’ are as valid as that he was a local jew faking an ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’ to get the rolling wave of donations from Israel First Christians who feel guilty about being a gentile.