By Karl Radl

According to the  ‘New York Post’  we have had our first so-called  ‘anti-Semitic hate crime’  in Borough Park, New York.

To wit:

‘A Hasidic Brooklyn man has reported that an NYPD cop in a patrol  car yelled “you f–king Jews” at him and his 17-year-old son before  driving off, former Assemblyman Dov Hikind told The Post.

The man called Hikind — founder of Americans Against  Anti-Semitism — to report the anti-Semitic slur, which he said the cop  hurled at them late Friday as they left a tish, a gathering of Hasidic  Jews with their rabbi, in Borough Park.

“I have much respect for NYC’s Finest but this incident must be  investigated by the NYPD. With Antisemitism on the rise, we can’t allow  any form of hate to be tolerated,” Hikind said in a tweet, which he  posted along with a video of the conversation he had with the man.

“It personally hurts me to deal with anything like this because  I’ve been a great supporter of the NYPD for my whole life,” Hikind told  The Post.

“The guy was absolutely shocked. The 17-year-old said to me, ‘The  people that are supposed to protect us hate us.’ That is obviously not  true,” he added. “I’m sure this is a rare exception. But it needs to be  investigated. It’s not just not acceptable.”

The NYPD did not immediately respond to the allegation.

The alleged incident came to light after more than a dozen anti-Semitic attacks over the past two weeks rocked the city.

Hikind has called the wave of anti-Semitism “an epidemic.”

“Things have gotten out of control,” Hikind told The Post on  Friday. “I urge anyone — even if they called you ‘a dirty Jew’ — to  report it. We need to know what’s going on … it’s not too late to come  out.”

The NYPD is aware of the incident and it is under internal review, a police spokeswoman said.’  (1)

If you listen to the audio recording provided by Dov Hikind to the  ‘New York Post’  then all you’ll hear is an histrionic jew screaming about being called a  ‘fucking jew’  by what he claims was an NYPD officer. The problem of course is that  there is no actual evidence – video, audio or other witnesses – to  corroborate the babbling jew’s story now is there?

The one thing is very evident however is how absolutely terrified the  jews are at the moment as if they can sense that something is coming  and they are panicking in desperation to try to avoid whatever they  sense their future holds.