By Karl Radl

With the news that Britain’s ‘worst’ child-molester Richard Huckel – convicted of 191 counts of child molestation – has been stabbed to death by a fellow inmate in HMP Full Sutton, (1) I thought it an appropriate time to discuss what should be done with such individuals by the coming Fourth Reich.

Child molestation is commonly explained by modern sexologists as being part of the cosmology of aberrant sexualities that are usually labelled paraphilias. Paraphilias are forms of sexuality that are based on non-reproductive forms of sexual arousal and satisfaction. Normal sexuality – so decried by the many sexual freaks and fetishists on the political left (engage a leftist in a conversation about their sexuality and you’ll see exactly what I mean) – is biologically useful reproductive activity and is therefore by its very nature non-aberrant.

Hence, a desire to engage in anal sex is by definition a form of aberrant sexuality albeit a very minor one and related more to a primitive attempt at family planning more than anything else because it produces the risk of biological opportunity cost – i.e.: ejaculation could occur inside the anus rather than the vagina and thus waste a valuable opportunity for procreation given that most males cannot ejaculate repeatedly at the same volume or strength in the space of minutes or even an hour or two; homosexuality produces a more extreme variant of biological opportunity cost by actively removing males and females from the breeding pool and seeking to convert heterosexuals into homosexuals – often by trying to groom them for sex or convincing them by fair means or foul that they are ‘bisexual’ – to increase their pool of prospective sexual partners.

As such, child molesters are then also another extreme form of aberrant sexuality which not only actively seeks to remove individuals from the breeding pool, but does so at ages where the individual concerned is still extremely young, usually not sexually active and in many cases has not even gone through puberty. Therefore, child molesters are not only guilty of inflicting an extreme form of biological opportunity cost on the Aryan folk, but they are also guilty of psychologically and sexually damaging the next generation and future generations of the Aryan breeding pool in the name of their purely selfish sexual enjoyment.

We must, however, draw a line between those individuals who have what is euphemistically called ‘pedo-sexuality’ – i.e. they have a sexual interest in children – and recognize that is both aberrant and morally wrong and report themselves to the authorities of the Reich in order to seek assistance in dealing with their sexual dysfunction, and those who refuse to seek such assistance and/or see nothing wrong with their aberrant sexuality and act accordingly.

The former must be considered as good citizens of the Reich who have done right by the Folk by reporting their condition to the appropriate authorities, and as such should be treated with every kindness and consideration as well as be offered any available treatment option by the Reich’s Health Service.

The latter are individuals who are engaging in a form of what can only be considered sexual terrorism against the Aryan Folk and must be treated as such. The punishment for seeking to and/or actually sexually harming a child can only be death but must also fit the seriousness of the crime itself.

Therefore, it is not simply enough for a convicted child molester to be executed by the Reich, but rather the execution must serve a definite purpose beyond taking vengeance for the potential or actual loss of a precious Aryan child’s innocence and/or life. There must be a utilitarian benefit for the Aryan Folk to somewhat compensate the loss.

Examples of such a benefit could be the use of convicted child molesters as live test subjects for medical experiments and/or commercial products needing to be tested, thus decreasing or preferably eliminating the need for live animal test subjects to be utilized and also providing much more accurate data for researchers thereby providing an opportunity for the child molesters to make reparation for their sins against the Folk in a manner that is cathartic for the families of the victims and accrues a tangible benefit for the child molester’s existence for the Reich.

So, unlike so-called ‘Conservatives’ and ‘Liberals’, National Socialism understands that the social contract between the state and the nation supersedes that between the state and the individual. When an individual transgresses against the laws of the Reich and commits an act of sexual terrorism against the body of the nation it is to the nation that the individual must be forced to make expiation by the state; that expiation has to take the form of a tangible benefit.

This solution stands in righteous contrast to the default ‘Conservative’ and ‘Liberal’ position of making the nation responsible for the crimes of the aberrant individual against it by simply putting the latter in an air-conditioned cell and having them entertained, fed and guarded twenty-four/seven for decades on end – costing the state tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars – and granting them better treatment and far more fringe benefits than many of the citizens whom the child molester has harmed by their actions.

I mean, what sort of Lilliputian world do you have to live in to believe that sexual terrorists, such as child molesters, should be given better treatment than homeless veterans?

It is time we put child molesters on, and took live animals off, the vivisectionist’s table and gave them a chance to atone for the harm they have inflicted with their crimes through cathartic beneficial suffering on behalf of the Reich.

We Aryans are not a cruel people; we are also a people that intrinsically understands that justice is blind not only to the biases and prejudices of humanity, but also to the suffering of those who have made others suffer.

Only through expiation can the criminal find forgiveness.