Radio Werewolf founder and son-in-law of the jewish founder of the Church of Satan Nicholas Schreck is an odd individual. An apologist for Charles Manson who also ‘aped racial fascism’ and practised so-called ‘Satanism’ ; (1) Schreck is one of those people that – after reading their works and about them – one thinks are… well… mentally unsound as well as pathetic.

The fact is that – despite his wife Zeena LaVey being jewish herself - (2) that there is significant anecdotal evidence that Schreck himself is of jewish origin.

On Alt.Satanism Kevin Filan wrote as an aside on 10th July 2001 that: ‘I should note that Zeena Schreck and her husband Barry “Nicholas Schreck” Dubin are both of Jewish descent.’ (3)

That Schreck’s real name is Barry Dubin is also confirmed by Blackthorne’s unauthorised 1999 biography of him. (4)

Blackthorne also confirms his jewishness when he writes (based on testimony from a childhood friend of Schreck’s) that:

‘He read books on Hitler, but was dating an Algonquin Indian girl named Felina. A short while later, Amok Books’ Brian King spread the word that Shreck wasn’t a Nazi at all, but was in fact a nice, Jewish boy from Encino. His father was the prosperous owner of a chain of furniture stores. And Schrek’s real name was Barry Dubin. Shreck fumed that it wasn’t true, just a vicious lie spread to discredit him by “his enemies”.’ (5)

Schreck has never discredited suggestions that he birth name isn’t Barry Dubin or that he is jewish by simply PDFing a copy of his birth certificate. Nor would a ‘Nazi’ date an Algonquin Indian let alone marry the daughter of a jewish ‘Satanist’ .

It isn’t a completely solid case by in any means, but what evidence we do have strongly suggests that Nikolas Schreck is indeed a jew.


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