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We begin this week’s edition of ‘Jewish War on Free Speech’ with a round-up of the sheer amount of political cuckoldry that has been going on lately after jews have been repeatedly bitching about ‘anti-Semitism’ being a ‘global epidemic’ bordering on a ‘pandemic’ especially on social media. (1) The logic used by the jews is – as usual – that opposition to the state of Israel (and anything remotely jewish and/or promoted by jews) is ‘anti-Semitic’ (2) and thus all ‘right thinking’ individuals and organizations need to be slavish pro-Israel apologists. (3)

Typically only governments and organizations have been infected with this political cuckoldry however but boy are they competing hard to be the most subservient and servile myrmidons of the jews possible.

The British government has listed ‘banning boycotts of Israel’ as one of its future policies in its political manifesto – hilarious considering the United Kingdom is supposed to be a ‘democracy’ where ‘free speech’ is ‘guaranteed’ – (4) while the head of the Church of England has been busy intervening in politics and claiming that to criticize Israel makes one unfit for public office. (5)

The French government has put whether ‘anti-Zionism is ipso facto anti-Semitism’ to a parliamentary vote this week (6) as well as creating a national ‘anti-hate’ office to ‘combat anti-Semitism’ . (7)

By contrast the German government’s effort to formally outlaw Lebanese anti-Israel insurgent group Hezbollah looks weak and ineffectual. (8)

Despite Israeli ‘anti-Semitism expert’ Edy Cohen calling for total never-ending war against ‘anti-Semites’ everywhere. (9) There are signs that the tide is turning against the self-proclaimed masters of the universe with working class native Brits attacking jews in Kebab shops, (10) an academic defending Adolf Hitler in Italy, (11) another academic openly teaching undergraduate students about Holocaust Revisionism in a balanced way in Chicago, (12) Belgians telling upset jews to go screw themselves over ‘anti-Semitic’ parody images at a popular carnival, (13) Australian youngsters are triggering jews by marching into shopping centres in SS uniforms (14) and people are now happily purchasing Auschwitz-themed Christmas ornaments. (15)

Something is happening my friends and the jews know it.

Hence their increasing panicked attempts to stop it by force.

To paraphrase Kipling: and then Western man began to hate.