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We begin this first edition of ‘Jewish War on Free Speech’ after jewish-owned Google deplatforming and deleting ‘Semitic Controversies’ out of hand with the news that jews have been shrieking that ‘anti-Semites’ ‘need to be stopped’ . They aren’t looking to do this via debate and actually trying to – in their words – ‘counter the anti-Semitic narrative’ but rather simply by exercising the power that it is an ‘anti-Semitic canard’ to suggest they have and get so-called ‘anti-Semites’ deplatformed and for preference prosecuted and thrown into prison for nothing more than the ‘crime’ of noticing certain (((co-incidences))).

Michael Fromm – the Chairman of the ‘Jewish Council for Public Affairs’ – has called for a fresh ‘strategy for fighting anti-Semitism’ (1) which has been echoed by US Vice President and devoted Shabbos goy Mike Pence (2) as well as a ‘conference’ on the subject sponsored by the US Justice Department. (3) This has generated some of the more politically correct responses of demands to legally equate criticism of Israel as being the same thing as ‘anti-Semitism’ and thus the so-called ‘Holocaust’ (4) as well as the usual rhetorical claptrap spouted by histrionically paranoid jews (5) using their own massively broad definition of ‘anything jews take offence to is ipso facto anti-Semitism’ to inflate the numbers. (6)

It has also generated some demands from jews - such as Edward Beck at the ‘Times of Israel’ , (7) Jonathan Tobin at the ‘Jewish Press’ (8) and Mike Evans at the ‘Jerusalem Post’ – (9) stopping a millimeter short of demanding the outright physical extermination of non-jews who criticize them.

What this would mean – as it is increasingly likely that something like this is going to be seriously proposed by Shabbos goyim working for the Israel lobby around the world but particularly in the West – is that any act of so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ would result in disproportionate and dare I say extreme retribution from international jewry.

After all only this week we have learned that according to jewry the following are ‘examples’ of anti-Semitism:

A) Sale of non-kosher books by Amazon. (10)

B) Inviting someone to speak that jews do not approve of. (11)

C) Having private views different to those prescribed by international jewry. (12)

D) Running through a ‘Holocaust Memorial’ . (13)

E) Criticizing Israel. (14)

F) Saying something you didn’t say but jews imagine you did. (15)

G) Disagreeing with Israel occupying other people’s land. (16)

H) Offending a jew in any way, shape or form. (17)

In other words; international jewry is demanding it have dominion over you, your family and your friends to ascertain whether you are sufficiently philo-Semitic enough to live.

Men of the West… you have nothing left to lose but your chains!