With the spread of the new Coronavirus variant COVID-19 around the world, there has been a predictable attempt by the jewish diaspora as well as Israeli authorities to turn the global pandemic into a public relations opportunity for Israel.

We’ve had jews invoking the medieval well-poisoning charges leveled at jews during the ‘Black Death’ in the fourteenth century, in studied ignorance of the fact that they were very likely genuine. (1)

Without getting into the details — which I will in a separate article — jews in the medieval world travelled over vast distances between communities for the sake of marriages and trade  —  visits from jews in the Ottoman Empire to jews in France, Germany and Italy were not an uncommon occurrence.

This would have been a proven disease vector for the Black Death from the orient; additionally, one of the necessary activities for a jew is the use of the ritual cleansing bath of the Mikveh, which was part of every jewish community and would have included any source of flowing water (aka ‘living water’) that would have also been used by the local non-jews as drinking and washing water.

Therefore, when we hear of charges of jews ‘poisoning wells’, we are looking at an interpretation of jews spreading the disease by travelling and then bathing in the ‘living water’ near non-jews, who then began to develop symptoms of the Black Death.

I mean, can you blame them for thinking the jews were responsible for ‘poisoning wells’ when the jews metaphorically did just that?

Moving on from this lengthy aside: the jewish diaspora has also been pushing the idea that any invocation of Adolf Hitler during the current pandemic is ‘anti-Semitic’, amongst other things. (2)

Yet when we look at the jewish response to COVID-19, we can see that despite claims Israel has – to quote ‘United with Israel’ – done so:

‘Israel was among the first countries to take special precautions and initiatives in fighting the pandemic.

There is no limit to Israeli ingenuity and generosity.

In Israel, every life matters. Israel continues to be a light unto the nations.’ (3)

Early concern about how badly this was going to impact the jewish diaspora as well as Israel was expressed by Johanna Ginsberg in the ‘New Jersey Jewish News’, (4) and, despite Israel’s initial Orwellian tracking system searching for contact with identified COVID-19 carriers, (5) the infections and deaths in the jewish community in Israel and around the world quickly began to spike. (6)

This is has been particularly evident among the ultra-Orthodox jewish community — both in Israel and elsewhere — because their ‘Kosher’ phones block government messages and things like spousal abuse hotlines as well as government medical websites (7), and the ultra-Orthodox are simply carrying on as normal.

To quote the ‘Times of Israel’:

‘And in Jerusalem, police said they had broken up a circumcision event in an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood attended by over 200 people. Several participants assaulted police officers and hurled eggs at them, officials said. One was arrested for attacking police and four fines handed out for breaking public health orders, the Israel Hayom daily reported.’ (8)

In New York the ultra-Orthodox are systematically breaking the ‘shelter in place’ order by running underground synagogues and yeshivas in apartments and houses (9) at the explicit orders of their rabbinical authorities. (10)

With circa 12,500 official deaths in New York City — amid suggestions that this may be significantly undercounted — (11) a large number of the uncounted deaths in New York City are from the ultra-Orthodox jewish community, who are being wiped out by COVID-19 in their homes in the city at disproportionate rates, (12) so much so that even the ‘New York Times’ has noticed the scale of the problem. (13)

Predictably, this has led ultra-Orthodox jews — such as Jodi Rudoren (Editor-in-Chief of the ‘Jewish Daily Forward’) — to take to opinion pages to try to construct some kind of ‘defence’ for their religious kin. (14)

Rudoren’s ‘defence’ of the ultra-Orthodox is exactly the sort of apples and oranges moral equivalence rhetoric used by Israeli apologists who insist that if someone else doing something bad is not dealt with or criticized more, then this automatically indicates ‘bias’ and an ‘anti-Semitic motivation’ on the part of anyone mentioning such a fact.

The problem with this attempt to confuse the unwary is that it assumes the gentiles ‘going to the beach’ are not only deliberately gathering at close quarters in groups for events, but that they are being actively encouraged to break the ‘shelter in place’ order by their non-jewish leaders.

These assumptions are manifestly untrue, as Rudoren is likely well aware, but… well… she has to try and excuse the inexcusable, doesn’t she?

The intellectual ‘rigour’ in her argument — or rather lack of it — is most clearly seen when she screeches that ‘liberal jews’ are ‘anti-Semitic’ for daring to not use kosher supermarkets, because the ultra-Orthodox use them too. (15)

She does, however, admit a simple reason as to why the ultra-Orthodox are breaking the ‘shelter in place’ order at such record rates: they don’t have access to television, radio or the internet because their rabbis forbid it. (16)

Those are same rabbis who are also organizing flouting of the ‘shelter in place’ order by organizing underground synagogues and yeshivas.

Take the ultra-Orthodox in Israel for another example: The jewish state has been in full lockdown for the second time over the spread of COVID-19 (17) because ultra-Orthodox jews such as those in the city of B’nei Brak simply wouldn’t comply with any regulations what-so-ever because they believed their bloodthirsty god would protect them from harm. (18)

Not only did the ultra-Orthodox not comply with the lockdown, forcing the mayor Avraham Rubinstein to call in the IDF to force the ultra-Orthodox to behave like somewhat normal people, (19) but ultra-Orthodox leaders — such as Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky — have been using it as a money-making opportunity by selling ‘immunity by righteousness/prayer’ certificates to their gullible flocks for $836 a pop. (20)

Nor is B’nei Brak alone, with the illegal ultra-Orthodox settlement of Kiryat Yearim near Jerusalem having a third of its residents catching COVID-19 (21) while ultra-Orthodox jews in the illegal settlement of Modiin Illit were more concerned over the kosher status of their Israeli state-provided food than COVID-19. (22) The ultra-Orthodox–dominated illegal settlements of Beit Shemesh and Elad as well as Modiin Illit combined have more active cases than the Israeli city Tel Aviv. (23)

Nor has COVID-19 stopped jewish settlers from stealing hygiene and food supplies from the Palestinians, (24) shutting down Palestinian COVID-19 screening clinics, (25) companies having to develop special ‘kosher masks’ for the ultra-Orthodox (26) or a vast number of senior Israeli politicians — including the country’s President, (27) Immigration Minister (28) and Health Minister — (29) from breaking their own quarantine regulations.

Weirdly, jews have even continued to make Aliyah from the outside world to Israel, helping spread the virus even further. (30) Nor have jews — notably the ultra-Orthodox —  stopped pushing for ‘special exemptions’ so they can go to shul and spread the disease to the unsuspecting goyim along the way, with jews threatening the jewish government in Israel, (31) launching legal action against the Canadian government (32) and just carrying on their normal behaviour secretly in the United States. (33)

Yet, jews continue to act like they are both the ‘special victims’ of COVID-19 —  hence so-called ‘Holocaust Survivors’ bleating in fear (34) and enterprising jewish prisoners trying to use it as a legal argument for why they should be freed (35) while it exterminates elderly jews in care homes — (36) and entitled to ‘special rights’ as we’ve already seen.

This is the direct result of their view that they are the so-called ‘Chosen People’ of the creator of the universe and thus are only responsible to their deity and not to mere goyim, as the influential Baseler Rav ruled. (37)

So while COVID-19–positive Israeli jews have been flying back and forth from Israel spreading the disease, (38) other jews have been shrieking about how it is ‘anti-Semitic’ to suggest jewish behaviour has been significantly contributing to the spread of COVID-19 around the world, (39) while admitting that what they’ve labelled as ‘anti-Semitic propaganda’ is actually true. (40)

After all, why else would the Israeli government have been forced to use the IDF to enforce its own quarantine on its own jewish citizens? (41)

The simple fact of the matter is that jews — especially ultra-Orthodox jews — have been key to the spread of coronavirus around the western world and have routinely flouted all quarantine guidelines and hidden their active cases from non-jewish governments, resulting in increased deaths among non-jews because of their behaviour.

The jews must be held to account.

It is that simple!


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