By Karl Radl

We begin this week’s edition of ‘Jews, Crime and Corruption’ with the  news that as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been denying  that he is trying to push through a bill creating legal immunity from  prosecution for corruption – despite the large amount of evidence that  he is doing just this – (1) and the Israeli Attorney General, Avichai  Mandelblit, has been forced to publicly deny Netanyahu’s claim that there  is a ‘conspiracy’ against him. (2)

Events in the corruption investigations into the Israeli Prime  Minister this week have produced reports that jewish Hollywood mogul, Arnon Milchan, sent Netanyahu ‘tonnes’ of cigars and a ‘sea’ of champagne  (3) and Yair Netanyahu – the Israeli Prime Minister’s eldest son – has  been caught screaming that Shaul Elovitch – owner of Israeli  telecommunications giant Bezeq – ‘broke’ the illicit deal between  himself and Netanyahu that is at the centre of one of the corruption  investigations going on according to Netanyahu’s former adviser Nir  Hefetz. (4)

Meanwhile, as Netanyahu has officially become Israel’s longest serving  Prime Minister, (5) the same source has also revealed that Sara  Netanyahu is actually the one calling the shots behind the scenes, not  Benjamin Netanyahu. (6)

Yet, just as Carolina Landsmann has been looking forward to a summer off  from the ‘political insanity’ in Israel, in the pages of ‘Haaretz’ (7)  there are fresh accusations of electoral fraud being looking into by  Israeli police (8). Netanyahu’s long-time political rival, Ehud Barak,  has gotten into hot water due to his connection to jewish financier and  serial sex predator, Jeffrey Epstein, – who will be the subject of a  separate article – (9) and has gone on the offensive against Netanyahu’s  corruption as another example of Israeli political chutzpah. (10)

In other corruption-related news: the Israeli supermodel, Bar Refaeli,  has tried to defend against charges of tax evasion in court by claiming  she and former lover, Leonardo DiCaprio, were a ‘family unit’, (11) an  Israeli business mogul has been acquitted of land fraud in Romania, (12)  french-speaking jewish scammers are causing a real nuisance and problem  to the Francophone world (13) and the long overdue trial of Lee Albaz –  a major figure in the Israeli-dominated and now outlawed ‘Binary  Options’ industry – has gone on trial in the United States for  defrauding clients out of $145 million. (14)

In other crime-related news, we’ve had an ultra-Orthodox baby  trafficking ring – remember the multitude of times when jews have  claimed they as a people were too moral to engage in such behaviour? –  in Nazareth – ironic but anyway – (15) and even more bizarrely a reptile  smuggling ring in Tel Aviv. (16)

Maybe the jews concerned were offering a free Iguana with every trafficked baby adopted?

I don’t know.

We also have had a pregnant jewess oncologist randomly attacked by a  jewish patient in Haifa, (17) an Israeli DJ shot dead in Mexico, (18) a  jew indicted for death threats against an Israeli government minister  (19) and another 42 jews arrested for involvement in the massive  ‘Telegrass’ marijuana distribution network. (20)

Finally, moving on to sex crimes now: we’ve had the – by now fairly  famous – rape of a young British woman by twelve Israeli teenagers in  the holiday resort of Ayia Napa on the island of Cyprus – which will  also be the subject of a separate article  (21). It is now believed by  the local police force to have been a jewish conspiracy to rape gentile  women in ‘revenge’ for some perceived slight upon the self-appointed  jewish master race (22) which a senior Israeli journalist named Roni  Daniel has actually being trying to defend… because… well… the alleged victim is a goya,  and female goyim exist to be sex slaves for the jews. (23)

While over in Australia, a jewish teacher named Dean Kaplan has been  charged with sexually abusing children in his care after information was  sent to Australian police by the FBI (24) and finally in Israel four  jewish teenagers have been charged with raping an 11 year-old jewess in  an apparent dry-run for gang raping goyische women later. (25)

And then all of a sudden people voted Hitler into power for no reason at all.