CHAPTER 6: Love and Women and War

From an old Newspaper advertisement for the book.


"In the moulding of Organic Nature into all its diverse forms, Love and War (with their attendant penalties and correlated consequences) are the two most potent factors. Battle is the furnace-alembic that has been consciously provided for chemically separating the animate Refuse from the Gold. Sexual desire is the
amalgam that thereafter unites the golden particles, perpetuating for the ages and ages the selected qualities— of physical beauty, vigor, bravery, endurance — or vice-versa. “I am convinced,” writes Darwin, “that natural selection has been the main, but not the exclusive, means of modification.”"

"There is no other earthly passion so fiercely, savagely, egotistic, as sexual desire and it is the physical basis of all human ‘Love’ — even the most ethereal and romantic. Everywhere ‘the season of love, is the season of battle,’ and when the fires of sexualism burn low in nations of men, they are as unfit for freedom, as they are unfit to reproduce their kind."

"Among the Vertebrates, the king of the herd (or pack), selects himself by battle-prowess — upon the same ‘general principles’ that induced Napoleon to place the Iron Crown upon his own brow — with his own hand. All the Regal Houses of the world have been founded by fighting-men, and upheld by — fighting-men; just as in the ‘brute’ creation. The chief recommendation to both animal and human Chieftainship, is fighting capacity. The ‘common herd’ instinctively feels that a good fighter possesses all the requisite virtues of good leadership, and leadership is exactly what they want. By conquest alone can an animal-king be deposed; and his vanquisher is always his successor. As long as his sight, hearing, strength, and courage endures, he is absolute lord, judge, procreator-in-chief— but not one moment longer. “The king’s dead, long live the king” is a biological affirmative."

"Women instinctively admire soldiers, athletes, kings, nobles, and fighting-men generally, above all other kinds of suitors — and rightly so."

"Conquersome personalities by obtaining possession of the best and handsomest females raise up as a rule, conquersome descendants. Hence the origin of Great Races. Second-class males are driven by necessity to mate with second-class females; and in strict sequence third class-males select partners from feminine
remainders. (Hence the stereotyped nature of servile Castes)."

"No nation, no empire, has ever fallen — no race has ever been enslaved, because it delighted in manly sports — in the hunting of boars and lions, and men — in deadly tournaments — in dueling — in prize fighting — in gladiatorial combats — in scenes of ‘cruelty and blood.’ No! not one! (Nature is cruel — a million times more cruel than man ever was). But dozens of ‘civilizations’ have perished shamefully, ignominiously, because of the spreading canker of personal cowardice — gendered by effeminacy, luxury, usury, laboriousness, statecraft, superstition, ‘culture,’ and peace."

"Wherever soldiers conquer in war, they also conquer in love — after the first paroxysm of revengeful patriotism is over. Women of vanquished races are usually very prone to wed with the men who have slaughtered their kindred in battle."

"Modern kings are degenerates; even more so (if that be possible) than their laborious subjects. They have allowed all kingly Initiative to be wrested from them; by the diabolical cunning of that ‘plastic daemon’ the Jew Banker— that Mephistophelean manipulator of National Debts and National Credits. Kings have not been equal to the occasion and resultantly they and their brain- drugged subjects are ‘bonded’ to the Israelite. The Jew has been supinely permitted to do — what Alexander, Caesar, Nusherwan, and Napoleon failed to accomplish — crown himself Emperor of the World; and collect his vast tributes from ‘the ends of the earth.’
From the Mississippi valley to the plains of the Hoang-Ho — from Spitzbergen’s icy uplands to New Zealand’s iron shores — his satraps bear sway, and his tax-gatherers pillage, ravage, and rob. As long as the Aryan Race bows down (even nominally), at the Sign of the Cross, or vacuously endeavors to ‘keep the commandments,’ it is hopelessly entangled — it is delivered up — a burnt sacrificial offering — to the dolabra of the sons of Jacob — Jacob the supplanter."

"Herod’s wife and daughter, and their secret alliance for getting John the Baptizer’s head chopped off, must not be overlooked; nor the calculated ‘brutality’ which Jael drove that tent-peg into General Sisera’s cranium, when he slept. The folk- fable of Delilah and Samson is also to the point. In many respects women have proved themselves more cruel, avaricious, blood- thirsty, and revengeful than men."

"A woman is primarily a reproductive cell-organism, a womb structurally embastioned by a protective, defensive, osseous network; and surrounded with the antennae, and blood vessels, necessary for supplying nutriment to the growing ovum or embryo. Sexualism and maternity dominate the lives of all true women. To such an extent is this so, that they have little time left (or inclination) to ‘think’ and therefore they’ve never been fitted out ab-initio with reasoning organs."

Love in sexual relationship, Power in social adjustments, Polarity and Magnetism in physics, Gravitation in astronomy, and Might in ethics, are exact synonyms; -correlated phases of one primary Assertive— 'the Persistence of Force.

"Purity of blood has played, and is yet to play, a leading role in the drama of racial evolution. Races held in bondage are necessarily mongrelized, degraded, ‘equalized.’ Homeliness is one result of bad breeding."

"Hereditary virtues can only be maintained, by keeping them in constant use. Hence the biological necessity of unmerciful struggles between individuals and groups of individuals. As with muscles and organs of the body, so human aptitudes are developed by use and attenuated by non-use. Nearly all the masterful qualities,
mental and physical, that have ever distinguished the elite of mankind, have originated in conflict."

"Racial rottenness (the conjoint result of holy hydrophobia and State-regulated hybridism) can only be eliminated by an intelligent application to the breeding of human beings — of the principles of natural selection, conjoined with conscious rejection, culminating from time to time in deadly conflicts. War is the most important phase of racial, sex, and tribal evolution."

The chapter begins with “Love and War” being designated the two main factors in the development of organisms. Ragnar describes battle as the process by which the good (strong) DNA is separated from the bad (weak) DNA, and sex as the process by which the strong DNA is reproduced. Ragnar says that sexuality is one of the strongest feelings that drives men, and races that lose this drive are no longer fit to reproduce or even exist at all.

We are told that leaders must be self-selected through battle, and that victory in combat has historically been seen as a sign of all other necessary leadership abilities. Women are instinctively drawn to strong men such as warriors and athletes, because they want to have a family with men with strong and successful genes. Ragnar identifies heredity as important, saying that conquersome Men have conquersome Sons, and that we must not allow our Blood to degenerate any more than it already has. Sports and other contests are identified as positive ways to foster healthy competition.

We are told that our kings (nowadays it would be Presidents and Prime Ministers) have degenerated because they allow their power to be wrested from them by Jewish moneylenders. Ragnar identifies Christianity and its morality as the problem and says we will remain servants of the Jews as long as we hold to those beliefs. Ragnar describes women, saying they can be more cruel and deadly than even men. He says women are not very reasonable and that their primary purpose is reproduction. Ragnar finishes out the chapter talking about the presence of force on all levels of our existence, and discusses racial degeneration/mixing.

Here we see some books of the SS, dedicated to improving the Health of the Race via Eugenic selection.




The National Socialists understood Ragnar's points well. A large majority of the Third-Reich leaders were military veterans. They wanted the elite SS warriors to pass on their strong genes with the best women to improve the overall health of the race. They also did not want women working in the government and thus encouraged the home life and motherhood. The Third Reich gave debt-free loans to young people who sought to get married, buy a house, and have children. They sterilized the “Rhineland Bastards” to prevent further miscegenation. In short, they did everything they could have done to undo years of bad racial hygiene.