By Shaun Yeager

Have you ever stopped at a crossing and thought to yourself, ‘Why am I waiting for the light to turn green? There’s nothing coming.’ You could cross or drive through when the light is red without causing any immediate harm to yourself or ending up in a body bag, but still you wait until the light turns green, giving you permission to go.

This is just one form of technological enslavement we experience everyday.

Our respective puppeteers whom we call ‘The System’ (jewish controlled governmental organizations/institutions, media, education etc.) use technology to force our obedience and watch our every move.

We are told from the earliest age that we must obey and respect the authorities; in particular, the technological strings that control most of our marionette actions within techno-industrial society, which are connected to the crossbar of The System’s rule of law.

How many times did you sit through laborious lectures on road safety in school?

‘Do not cross the road when the light is red, only when it’s green.’

Every now and again you had a child who paid attention to the variables: ‘What if there isn’t a car coming?’ To which the response would be something like: ‘That doesn’t matter. There could be a car around the corner. Better to be safe than sorry. Now drink your juice.’

The driver’s version is the following: ‘Do not go through a red light.’ Someone asks, ‘But what if there aren’t any vehicles or pedestrians in sight?’ To which the response is: ‘It doesn’t matter. It’s the law.'

Here we have the System’s rules being enforced by technology. The traffic lights tell the driver when it’s the right time to go and when it’s the wrong time. The threat of punishment for not abiding by this comes from the nearby traffic camera which is a gun of the System. The traffic lights and the camera are the driver's chains. He is enslaved. Because without the technology that allows the System to remind him of the rules (traffic lights) and observe him to make sure he is following the rules (traffic camera), he would be free to make his own decision as the System wouldn’t be able to remind him of the rules and observe him for the purpose of later punishment if he chose to break those rules, thereby retaining his autonomy.

The damage the aforementioned message has inflicted on human autonomy within Western society is astronomical. The vast majority of society’s participants will not act unless the action they are about to take is regarded as socially acceptable or unless they are told to by authoritative figures (given the green light) regardless whether if the action they want to take aligns with their belief system.

There are many more examples of how we have been enslaved by the techno-industrial society. For more information, read the works of Theodore J. Kaczynski.

We suggest you try the following methods to take back your autonomy from the clutches of the technological prison wardens of the System:

1. Every now and again cross a busy road without utilizing traffic lights or a zebra crossing.
2. Explore treacherous locations, especially ones that are ‘off-limits’ (we advise you do this with a friend, but it is your choice).
3. If you come across a man-made rule or law that is not grounded in Nature or does not correspond with your belief system, break it (try to do this with minimal exposure).
4. Spend as much time as you can out in Nature.
5. Discard any technology that makes you obedient,lazy or dependent.
6. Unless it is absolutely necessary, choose a bicycle and public means for your method of transportation.

If you suddenly become aware of your autonomy being drained by technological leeches, strike a match - the flame will set you free.