The apparitions that became the prophetic messages attributed to the Virgin Mary as Our Lady of Fatima, which occurred between 13th May and 13th October 1917, were in the news a few months ago. The heavily jewish pundits of the formerly premier US conservative periodical ‘National Review’ have been using its centenary — amongst other things — to try to beat the drum for a war with Russia. (1)

This is all possible because Our Lady mentioned Russia being at the centre of a global apocalyptic vision of future when she talked about what might transpire if humanity did not rediscover its devotion to her and the Church. Our Lady particularly recommended the devotion of the Rosary to Catholic believers as a way to potentially avert a coming apocalyptic calamity.

The mention of Russia in the prophetic words associated with Our Lady of Fatima is one of a long list of sacred things to be abused by philo-Semitic warmongers and their jewish paymasters. Even so-called Catholics — such as Kevin Burke at LifeSiteNews — proudly distort the words of Fatima in order to lend false authority to their vacuous claims. (2)

Burke begins by correctly identifying — unlike the National Review — the ‘Russia’ of the prophecies of Fatima is revolutionary Russia and, more specifically, that of the October Revolution — which actually happened in November — which occurred twenty-five days after the last of the apparitions. This revolution — lead by the avowed atheist Lenin and his strongly anti-Christian Bolshevik party — signalled the death knell of Christianity in Eastern Europe for nigh on half a century.

So far so good, but then Burke begins claiming that Fatima ‘applies to the Nazis in Germany too’ .

He makes this connection by asserting that Our Lady ‘meant the relationship with the spread of Communism’ when she warned against the ‘errors of Russia’ .

Thus, according to Burke’s moronic version, the rise to power of the NSDAP — ignoring such causative factors as the Wall Street Crash, the extremely harsh terms of the Treaty of Versailles, the degenerate culture of the Weimar Republic, the many public scandals involving jews, the humiliating surrender of Germany in the First World War etc. — was all ‘down to a reaction to Communism’ .

I’ve already pointed out why this is a stupid historical claim, as it ignores a dozen or more significant causative factors, but even if we take it as read, then it would mean that Joseph McCarthy and the ‘Red Scare’, as well as the conservative movements till the 1990s were all ‘a reaction to Communism’ and therefore, according to Burke’s epistemology, part of a satanic plot to destroy the Catholic Church.

You see the problem?

Burke has rendered any opposition to Communism to be ipso facto satanic by suggesting that by virtue of opposing the spread of Communism the Third Reich was born, and — since the latter is the apogee of evil in his view — it follows, therefore, that anti-Communism must per force be satanic, as he offers no other justification for his connection of the Third Reich to the Bolshevik revolution.

He also dismisses the idea that the jews were aligned with the Soviet Union but forgets that a grossly disproportionate amount of the officials of the Bolshevik party were jewish, even though when compared to the total of the jewish population, there were not many jewish Bolsheviks. (3)

He also politely forgets to mention — although in all likelihood he doesn’t know — that jews were heavily represented among the leaders of the Bavarian Soviet Republic, the murderous Hungarian Soviet Republic (4) and the Communist parties in general.

Perhaps even more egregiously, Burke fails to mention that the jews were again represented both significantly and disproportionately among the very bureaucrats and officials who joyfully enacted the famous anti-Christian genocidal purges in Russia during the 1930s to the 1950s. (5)

Unsurprisingly, Burke immediately invokes the ‘Holocaust’ and talks about how it was apparently animated by diabolism.

He then claims that:

‘Satan has a virulent and vicious hatred of the Jewish people.
The Jewish people were the vehicle through which God would break the power of Satan over mankind. The ascent of the humble Jewish Virgin Mary to her vocation and mission opened the door to the victory of her Son Jesus at Calvary and the empty tomb. This victory will be consummated at the end of time when the power of Satan and his demonic cohorts are forever crushed and bound for all eternity.’ (6)

Burke here emphasises the alleged jewishness of the Virgin Mary and Jesus — claims that are rather disputable, but I digress — to falsely claim there is a ‘satanic plan’ to foster ‘hatred of the jewish people’ .

This stands in direct contradiction to the Gospel of Matthew, which states that the jews openly proclaimed that Jesus’ ‘blood is on us and on our children’, (7) while in the book of Revelations they are described as the fanatic enemies of Christianity or as the work in question puts it: the ‘Synagogue of Satan’ . (8)

The fact remains that throughout the history of the various Christian Churches, the jews have often been the most vicious and persistent of their enemies. In turning this on its head and suggesting that the jews — not the Christians — are the primary agents of God and thus the principle foes of Satan, Burke is turning Christianity itself on its head and revealing by necessary implication that he denies the foundational premises of Christianity in the New Testament, which has superseded the Old Testament.

Thus, we can see that the prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima have nothing to do with the rise of the NSDAP but also have everything to the rise of atheistic Communism in the former Russia Empire (as Pope John Paul II noted in 2000) (9) and, more to the point, the jewish domination of that genocidal governmental system.




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