The First President of the USA wrote these words to the Jews

There is a persistent and obnoxious myth floating around the pro-white community by the name of American Nationalism, and it’s time to put this meme-ideology to rest. With the chaotic 2020’s approaching its sure to be a definitive decade for the pro-white cause. It’s more important now than ever to stop making the mistakes of previous generations, and look towards the future with a proper understanding of the past in mind.

The story according to some is that to be a Nationalist in the USA means you must bleed Red, White, and Blue. To reject the legacy of the Founding Fathers is tantamount to throwing away everything your ancestors wished for you. The Constitution and Declaration of Independence are holy documents, never to be desecrated. Surely, if every European-blooded nation is to embrace its identity and heritage then Americans must do all of these things, right?

Well, not exactly. Since the beginning of American History there were factions such as the Anti-Federalists who rejected the ratification of the Constitution. There were such groups as the Anti-Masonic Party who resisted the power of the Freemasons, a secretive fraternal organization that many of the Founding Fathers were involved with. Oh, and let's not forget that the myth of the Founders being White Nationalists has been ripped apart, despite our disagreements here with Hunter Wallace and his position on violence and accelerationism he does a great job of this. These are just some examples of contemporary groups which were equally as loyal to their nation and their people as the so called “Patriots”, yet today these men would probably be considered “un-American”.

“All Men are Created Equal”

Jumping forward a bit, it took less than 100 years for this Country born of Liberalism to tear itself apart in a Civil War which killed more of its fighting age men than any other war it has fought in before or since. This Civil War was fought on one side by men who believed they were fighting for the legacy of freedom their fathers bequeathed to them, and on the other side by niggers, communists, and fresh-off-the-boat immigrants spurred on by Abraham Africanus the First. The American Nationalist side waving "Old Glory" won that war, and far from a white nation we got niggers with fresh citizenship papers killing and abusing the white descendants of our Revolutionary forebears instead. To this day, all Civil Rights legislation and pet projects such as reparations are rooted in the American Nationalist victory over race-conscious white men.

These words are not written in disparagement of Northerners, I have no desire to re-fight the Civil War with racialist comrades of Yankee descent. They too had voices of reason among them, such as the Copperheads who did not want to wage a war against their brothers for the benefit of the Federal Government and black slaves. Today there are many Southerners who also bought into the American Nationalist lie, the Texas-based group Patriot Front being a most prominent example. As if it weren’t bad enough already, these American Nationalists seem to be promoted by the likes of Daily Stormer and The Right Stuff, which should make anyone suspicious as these sites are both home to notorious liars, Jews, Goy sycophants and de-radicalization agents.

Trust the AmNat plan, Goy

So why are we Burgers at TPS Post-American Nationalists? Because we know “Americanism” is the enemy. Because we know “Old Glory” is the flag on the uniform of ZOG troops, ready to smash the true Aryan Resistance. Because we have studied our own history and rejected the lies our fathers told us.

Because we know the real alternative:

Heil Hitler! Heil National Socialism! Heil the Future!


A German comrade on the forum, Einsatzgruppe_D, was unsure what exactly was meant by the term "Post-American Nationalism". He asked me a few good questions which I am sharing here for clarification:

Q: What is it?

A: We have outlived the USA, it is time to secede and forge ahead a new identity for Americans separate from the legacy of the USA in the same way our colonial British ancestors founded the American identity as separate from the British one.

Q: What does it do?

A: It serves the function of giving us our own unique identity since the USA is tainted from it's origins, but we also can’t be generic whites with no national identity.

Q: What does it want?

A: A new, explicitly Racial-based Country with an American version of National Socialism as the founding worldview. It will be based around the super-majority white counties in the Northern/Midwestern part of the USA and including other regions such as the Upper South, part of the Northeast, and the Northwesterners who succeed with the Butler plan.

Q: How does it work?

A: By tapping into our unique tradition of secession, encouraging political ethnomigration and taking advantage of the non-political "white flight" of normies, and making these regions de-facto Ethnostates. To make conditions ripe for secession we will support accelerationist methods which speed up the balkanization of the USA.

Q: How do you interest other Americans for it?

A: By utilizing the same anti-Government sentiments that are already popular among White America. Enough hatred of Washington D.C means they will be looking to their regions and states for identity, which at this point will already be 80-90%+ white. Basically, use the natural momentum and frame D.C as the new “evil British Empire” we must break away from.

Q: How is it different from current American Patriotism?

A: It’s different in the same way the Loyalists and the Patriots were different in the Revolutionary War, except we will be the new Racial Patriots and ZOG ass-kissers are the new Loyalists.