In light of the recent foiled happening by two White Nationalists, it's a good time to make a PSA addressed by the TPS Community to believers in Accelerationism.

We seek to provide positive, constructive alternatives for our Folk. We are not Accelerationists for edginess sake, nor Satanist subversives working with the alphabet agencies to entrap people. We genuinely care for the well being and future of our Folk, and don't want them to spoil their potential. Our community refuses to disavow those who go to battle in the name of our Race and Worldview, yet we want our newly awakened comrades to understand the full picture before they decide what their role is in the coming struggle.

Many of our European comrades are forced to use proxies and VPN's to avoid arrest since European laws concerning the ultimate sin of Racism are extremely draconian. Americans are fooled into believing we can make jokes or discuss violence in an indirect way within the confines of the law, when in reality all of our freedoms including the 1st amendment are slowly being picked away at while we descend into a 3rd world country with 3rd world laws. The chances of it happening are smaller here for the time being since we can't be arrested for saying "nigger" on the internet, but many of us still have good chances to be arrested on something completely made up, embellished, or exaggerated just like Europeans.

  • Anyone who is offering you weaponry or a bomb is most likely trying to set you up.
  • Anyone encouraging you to perpetrate something is probably trying to set you up.
  • Anyone who brags about perpetrating something is probably retarded and will get you all locked up eventually.

You see those things again and again because they’re the FBI’s MO.

Stay safe out there and remember, an off-the-wall joke is all the evidence a court needs to hear to condemn you in the eyes of the public.