With the recent mass shooting at Walmart in El Paso, Texas that was allegedly carried out by 21 year old Patrick Crusius and which killed 20 people largely of Mexican/South American origin. There has been a renewed fake outcry against ‘White Supremacy’ – with Elizabeth Warren conveniently equating ‘White Supremacy’ to ‘domestic terrorism’ a few days before the event – (1) that has largely been orchestrated by jews such as Jonathan Greenblatt – of the ‘Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith’ screeching about rising ‘hate and extremism’ (2) while the ‘American Jewish Committee’ and the leaders of Reform Judaism shrieked about the need for ‘gun control’. (3)

What these jewish organizations really mean of course is that they want ‘goyim control’ as they have no problem with jews owning and using guns but they most decidedly have a problem with goyim – and particularly goyim ‘infected’ with the ‘virus’ of ‘anti-Semitism’ (aka the crime of noticing certain coincidences) – because that acts as a potential means by which upset and otherwise powerless goyim can express their violent dissatisfaction with jewish perfidy.

Hence while jews have been busy crying crocodile tears for all the dead Mexicans in El Paso. (4) They are merely using this as blind to try and outlaw so-called ‘anti-Semitism’ by using the attacks to undermine both the First and Second Amendments.

An object lesson that jews never forgive – let alone forget – a grievance; jews have been jumping up and down wildly accusing US President Donald Trump – pretty much the apogee of a Shabbos goy – of both ‘anti-Semitism’ and ‘being responsible’ for the El Paso shooting, because… well… Trump is ‘right wing’ (insert obligatory snigger here) and therefore he must be… well… a fucking Nazi. (5)

To jews support of any kind of right wing government that is not Israel’s right wing government – since Israel is the ‘Middle East’s only liberal democracy’ and thus is excepted from any criticism presumably because it is left wing compared to say Saudi Arabia or Syria’s respective governments – as C .J. Werleman has been quick to tell inform us in the pages of the ‘Jewish Daily Forward’ (6) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told us by his actions. (7)

This adds further credence to the position that I have held for over a decade now that there is no way out of this mess of the genocide of the Aryan race in the West and the outposts of its civilization like the Antipodes and what is left of South Africa unless the jewish question is addressed. No tip toeing around the issue like many on the so-called ‘Alt-Right’ did and even outright philo-Semitism – such as that famously advocated by Ian Jobbik at ‘American Renaissance’ – ever saves its proponents and exponents from the demands for their brutal censure and repression by the jewish community.

That is why cucking never works and similar applies to the whole issue of mass shootings.

You can condemn these as being individualistic actions against the invaders of the West but to condemn the sentiment that the West has to survive and that to survive Mexicans and their ilk must be physically removed in toto from the United States one way or another is both hypocritical and ridiculous for a nationalist.

Sure the state should be the one doing the removing but with the pressure on and epidemic of casual actual and rhetorical violence against Aryans in the United States. It is hardly surprising that individuals such as the alleged El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius would snap and then proceed to break and attack the brown hordes infesting large areas of the country. Yet people continue to act with surprise about such attacks and utter condemnations of them rather than addressing the root cause of why these attacks are happening and upping in both frequency and ferocity.

So-called ‘nationalist intellectuals’ like Greg Johnson warble about how they would have ‘de-radicalized’ the alleged shooter if ‘only’ they had been able to ‘talk to them’.

This is rank cowardice of the first order given that Johnson and his ilk are attacking someone who actively did something – and whether you agree or disagree with his choice of targets and/or methods is irrelevant to the motivation and reasons why allegedly he did what he did - trying to avoid upsetting the System and thus being de-platformed.

In essence anyone who actually tries to provide any kind of solution to the problems that Johnson has talked about in the past is ‘radicalised’ and needs to be ‘talked to’ in his political vocabulary. Thus it is no surprise that Johnson like many so-called leaders of the ‘Alt-Right’ have immediately condemned the Walmart shooting out of hand without referencing why it happened in order to try and desperately stay on the right side of the system to ensure that their revenue stream can continue without the threat of being de-platformed.

The reality on the ground is that Western society is accelerating rapidly into anarcho-tyranny, social insanity and White genocide and as such with an increasing amount of repression specifically targeting Aryans as a racial group and the resulting lack of material opportunities given to them (or even being actively denied to them on the basis of their race) will increasingly cause Aryan men and women to proverbially snap and act out their anger in bowlcut style attacks using whatever means they have at their immediate disposal or quickly acquire.

In short: the System only has itself to blame for these increasing bowlcut style attacks.


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