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By Karl Radl

Saint Catherine de Ricci was a sixteenth-century Italian Catholic saint, famed as a Benedictine mystic and visionary. She is one of  the lesser known of the Catholic saints, but one who bears a look, considering her views of the jews as being responsible for the murder of  Jesus Christ (i.e. Deicide) per orthodox Catholic doctrine and the text  of the Gospels. (1)

Her early nineteenth-century biographer, Florence Capes, also described her reoccurring vision of Jesus’ crucifixion thus:

‘Pilate questioned our Blessed Lord for half-an-hour, and then  sent Him back to Herod. The latter contemptuously sent Him back after  another half-hour’s examination, which including the time of the walk  caused Him to reappear before Pilate at half-past five. This magistrate,  knowing the wickedness and treachery of the Jews, interrogated Jesus  yet once more for half-an-hour, trying to find some means of getting Him  out of their hands with- out compromising himself. But he yielded at  last like a coward to their threatening clamour, and condemned Him to be  tied to the column, there to undergo the torture of scourging. This  cruel punishment, begun at six o’clock, only came to an end at a quarter  past seven.’  (2)

We may nor may not agree with Saint Catherine de Ricci’s religious  views, but we can certainly say that she was a fervently anti-jewish  Catholic mystic and saint.


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