So you’re planning on becoming an ecelebrity?

Here, let me give you some tips:

  1. Burst onto the scene with a brand new Podcast with a clear and on point message.
  2. Don’t forget to denounce all the ecelebs before you. Good targets would be Mike Enoch, and Andrew Anglin. Also don’t forget to make fun of all the cucks like Baked Alaska and the previously named turds.
  3. Hop onto 8 and 4 /pol/ and make threads about yourself like: “What do you guys think about NS Pussy Slayer?” or “Have you guys seen this faggot NS Pussy Slayer?”. Now don’t forget your VPN, because you’ll have to come back in and defend yourself with comments like “This dude is based!” and “He’s the next Hitler!!1”.
  4. Tell people you’re not in this for the money! Say it over and over again. You’re a warrior for the White Race™.
  5. Make a paypal, Patreon, GoFundMe, Crowdrise, MightyCause, and Fundable account. Don’t forget to do a 10 minute segment about all the ways people can donate to you in your 30 minute Podcast. It’s not mandatory that they pay, but it would be nice if they show you some love.
  6. Open a merch store. You can sell a shirt in 15 different colors with “NS Pussy Slayer” written in comic sans across the chest for $30 each. Don’t forget to do a 5 minute segment on how they can find the store and purchase your shirt on your 30 minute Podcast.
  7. Develop in-group words. Repeat them as often as possible.
  8. Don’t forget to remind people how much work goes into your podcast, and how people listening to it without donating are actually communist faggots.
  9. Call out Anglin, and say you’ll debate him.
  10. Get Anglin on your podcast, and realize he’s not such a bad guy after all.
  11. Go to right wing rally and get arrested.
  12. Make a 24 hour fundraiser stream with Andy Warski, because your civil liberties are being trampled and you need a high dollar jew lawyer to have your back!
  13. Collect all your savings from all the donations and fundraisers and book a ticket to Thailand.
  14. Fuck ladyboys in Bangkok until you’re dick falls off or you run out of money.
  15. Move back to the US, into your parents' basement.
  16. Restart Podcasting career as a changed man with “More realistic politics”.
  17. Save money until you can finally get back to the love of your life Ying Srisuk.

If you follow all of these steps you’ll become a famous Right Wing Podcaster.


Some extra protips:

  1. Slowly walk back your radical beliefs as you become more and more irrelevant. Name all of your hardcore hangers on Wignats, and tell them it’s their fault you’re not more popular.
  2. Set up a nation-wide rally tour. Hype it up over 6 months, and on the day say you can’t show up because you’re having car troubles. Take everyone’s money when they offer to pay for repairs, but say Jose down at the shop said it would take at least a week to fix your car.
  3. Jews aren’t that bad.
  4. Anyone who disagrees with you is acting like a woman.
  5. Date a Mexican, they’re white too.
  6. Make a paywall. Don’t worry about the content, you can just stream yourself eating a TV Dinner off of a tray, while sitting in your $3000 La-z-Boy watching Game of Thrones reruns on HBO.
  7. Make a forum, but never participate.