By Vidar

It's been a good week for Accelerationism. A lone Antifa firebombed an Immigration center; however, his attack killed no one and the John-Brown-wannabe was popped shortly after. Of course, Antifa are not disavowing their man, which won't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with how they operate.

Some people may be questioning why I say it's a good thing; bear with me. I'll get back to Antifa in a bit.

Race traitors attempting to "liberate" invaders is the opposite of what we want. Accelerationism does not mean supporting the actions of the enemy, it means bringing our communities to a point where conditions are favorable to Revolution. This is the main concept of the "Foco theory", formulated by the Frenchman, Régis Debray. It was based on the experiences of the Marxist Revolutionary, Che Guevara, and made the following assumptions:

1. Rural, rather than Urban resistance (this changed later on).

2. That committing to Revolution will bring about the popular support required.

3. The goal is to bolster support, rather than overthrow the government outright.

4. The Revolutionary force will be supported by regular armed forces.

5. The theory was thought up in the context of a "developing country".

Now, we can update this theory to match our current predicament. One of Brenton Tarrant's stated goals was to push gun-control to the extreme, and it worked. Tarrant thought New Zealanders were soft, and they would cuck on their guns easily. Despite this, there are now some good New Zealanders and thousands of White folks in other countries who are forced to view their Government in a different light. The unaware  begin to view their Government as the potentially hostile Behemoth that it is, and we who already know harden our resolve. The actions and manifesto of Brenton Tarrant provide us a good foundation on which to base an analysis:

1. Tarrant believes there is nowhere we can run. We must take the fight to the enemy, including in the streets of our Cities.

2. State repression against Freedoms that Whites actually care about can push them to change their mindset, and ultimately lead them to action. In Tarrant's case, his actions sparked fierce debates about gun control.

3. We do not control any territory, let alone have a Government set up. We must get territory exclusive to our Race, which according to Tarrant also includes increasing the Birth Rates...Birth Rates...Birth Rates!

4. We do not have a regular army yet. Brenton Tarrant took it upon himself to act against the Great Replacement, with no back up. By live-streaming his act, he hoped to get the ball rolling and inspire resistance in the form of copycats.

5. We are Whites living in wealthy "developed countries". We do not have a starving Peasant class ready made for revolt, and we also don't get the outside support that comes with being poor, starving brown people. Acceleration is invaluable for interrupting the materially comfortable lives of Westerners and heightening the contradictions inherent in the System. While it is important to act locally, it is equally important that we think and connect globally in order to support each other. Tarrant, an Australian, acted in New Zealand and helped polarize the U.S.A.

Let us now return to the recent Antifa attack. By committing violent acts in the name of Leftist Revolution, these people are inadvertently inching us closer to our goals. Insurrections, especially when sustained over a long period of time, push the boundaries of public apathy. When successful they become the "focus point" (foco is Spanish for focus) for popular rebellion. Therefore, it is better for us to support actions which create a militant, polarizing mindset on both sides of the political spectrum. Why should we support the "Law and Order" of traitors and stooges? It is better that our people be constantly exposed to harsh realities, rather than helping the System maintain the illusion of having things under control. In this case, it is better for them to see Anti-White terrorists firebombing an Immigration facility than it is for them to see ICE rounding up a few hundred illegals that are going to be quietly released into the country anyway.

As it stands, we lack the infrastructure to fully capitalize on these happenings. For those who don't want to be on the front lines, there must be immediate, realistic goals like establishing areas of local control. We require strongholds of support that will aid the White Resistance by supplying resources and shelter, or at the very least keeping silent when ZOG comes snooping around. Lone Wolves like Tarrant and small Männerbunds like the Silent Brotherhood would then be able to function more effectively, increasing the chances they can perform hit-and-run guerrilla actions and live to fight another day. Building up communities may not sound as exciting as talking about Revolution but it is necessary for that purpose. Later on, these localities and irregular forces we have built up can carefully begin coordinating together, forming the skeleton of a regular Army and a coherent Government.

Let us then not be angry about our enemies escalating the violence, especially when it is against State entities and normies. We should accept the mindset of "never let a good crisis go to waste", and embrace the chaos!

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