The Pro-White movement is currently in a quagmire, bogged down on all sides by legal, social, and economic pressures. We're back to where we were before, and everyone is pissed. After UTR, Alt-Right talking heads decided to blame those more radical than themselves for our misfortunes. According to their version of things, all the bad that came after wouldn't have happened, if it weren't for those meddling "wignats."

They said that it's our fault for getting websites shut down because we promote violence. They say we must support the GOP and vote because talk of revolution is just "LARPing." They say these things not because they are right, but because it helps to de-radicalize and keep the shekels coming in. Those who don't want to be shamed for their inaction prefer podcasts that tell them to vote, rather than those that tell them to act effectively.

LARPers playing pretend
A Savior of the White Race

Our system can be seen as a kind of Contract. The Government agrees not to send their enforcers in as long as we follow the Laws, and we agree to treat the Government as legitimate as long as they don't step on our toes. The only issue is that our toes haven't just been stepped on, they've been crushed. From integration at gunpoint to scheming to shut down free speech, White people who try to stand up for our Race are treated like the scum of the Earth. Every time we try to take the peaceful, legal route it ends up the same way.

Your Past, Present and Future, if You don't change

Now, Reader, I want you to ask yourself: What do we do now that the Government has violated their end of the Contract? They respond with Violence and we respond by...going home and voting. Our Anarchist enemies attack the System stooges they see as their oppressors, but when the Alt-Right is pushed out of Lee Park by Riot Police their response is to scream "We support you!"

We once conquered the world, now the ZOGnats have completely rejected the methods used get us there. This has got to change. A revolutionary mindset must be fostered among Pro-White activists so that we can fight to victory, or at least go out with a bang. Otherwise we may just vote ourselves into going out with a whimper.