In a recent article I discussed the cost of providing jewish prison inmates with specially prepared kosher food – rather than de facto kosher vegan (or even potentially vegetarian) food – as well as the scams used by non-jewish prisoners converting to Judaism just to get access to kosher food, which is perceived to be better quality, which – when combined with jewish-led legal malfeasance – resulted in significant costs to American taxpayers. (1)

I thought to extend this analysis to other countries and the first one that sprang to mine was the United Kingdom. As of December 2016 there were 449 prisoners who had been positively identified as jewish, (2) which was up from 327 jewish prisoners in 2011. (3)

I could not locate any statistics concerning how many of these jewish inmates actively kept to a kosher diet, but if we use the United States as an illustrative example this would be 7.7 percent (4) but for the sake of argument I will round it up to ten percent. This would mean – rounding up again – that 45 of those 449 prisoners would require a diet in keeping with the laws of kashruth.

Now as the cost of kosher meals in prison in the United Kingdom is £8 per day rather than the £2 per day that it costs to feed inmates (i.e. four times as much). (5) The total cost of feeding observant jewish inmates per day would be £360 or a whopping £131,400 per year, which isn’t much but then put it against the same number of non-jewish inmates and you see the difference. To feed the same number of non-jews costs £98 per day and a measly £35,770 a year.

Put another way you could feed 180 non-jews for the cost of feeding 45 jews.

As I pointed out in my US article; the fly in the ointment of this system – other than the fact that jews could easily be fed on a vegan (or even vegetarian) diet rather than providing them specialist food – is that there is a tendency among prisoners to pretend to either be jewish or actually try to convert to Judaism in order to access this different high quality food, which is only the case because prepared kosher food - as it currently stands - is made of better quality ingredients and individually prepared.

This proclivity has been recently imported to the United Kingdom by US prison-based television drama series ‘Orange is the new Black’, which featured inmates doing just this. This has then triggered a wave of people claiming to be jewish or trying to convert to Judaism, which I might add is a difficult prospect in actuality as Judaism is not particularly keen on converts. (6)

One example is Islamic anti-White terrorist Imran ‘Baldy’ Shahid – who murdered 15 year old Kriss Donald on 15th March 2004 for the ‘crime’ of being White – (7) but perhaps the more pertinent one would be the case of HMP Edinburgh (aka HMP Saughton) in Scotland. Where 111 inmates out of a population of 870 (circa 11 percent of the prison’s inmate population) were claiming to be jewish as of 4th July 2017 with the figure due to rise to 121 (i.e. 13.9 percent of the prison’s inmate population) the next week. (8)

This - as Chris Green at iNews has pointed out – is costing HMP Edinburgh an awful lot of money with the bill for the 121 inmates on normal fare being £242 per day (i.e. 121 x £2) or £88,330 per year (i.e. 121 x £2 x 365).

The average UK statistic of £8 per day for kosher food would give costs of £968 per day (i.e. 121 x £8) or £353,320 per year (i.e. 121 x £8 x 365).

If we use the specific costs for the supply of kosher food to HMP Edinburgh – helpfully specified by Jane Hamilton in the Daily Mirror to be £5.20 per day – (10) we get a cost per day of £629.20 (i.e. 121 x £5.20) and £229,658 per year (i.e. 121 x £5.20 x 365).

So in summary according to the statistics Green is right about this sudden desire of inmates at HMP Edinburgh for kosher food is costing the UK taxpayers a fortune.

It costs between £387.20 (specific HMP Edinburgh cost) to £726 (average UK cost) extra per day and £141,328 to £264,990 (split as before) extra per year to feed these 121 prisoners at HMP Edinburgh kosher food.

It isn’t just HMP Edinburgh either as 90 prisoners at HMP Glenochil near Stirling in Scotland have also decided that they need kosher certified food for religious reasons. (11)

For the sake of argument lets run those numbers again for HMP Glenochil; for the 90 inmates on normal fare being £180 per day (i.e. 90 x £2) or £65,700 per year (i.e. 90 x £2 x 365).

The average UK statistic of £8 per day for kosher food would give costs of £720 per day (i.e. 90 x £8) or £252,800 per year (i.e. 90 x £8 x 365).

If we use the specific costs for the supply of kosher food to HMP Edinburgh –i.e. £5.20 per day – and assume they are the same for HMP Glenochil. We get a cost per day of £468 (i.e. 90 x £5.20) and £170,820 per year (i.e. 90 x £5.20 x 365).

Thus It costs between £288 (specific HMP Edinburgh cost) to £540 (average UK cost) extra per day and £105,120 to £197,100 (split as before) extra per year to feed these 90 prisoners at HMP Glenochil kosher food.

That’s somewhere between an extra £246,448 to £462,090 that the UK taxpayers will have to foot in order that 211 inmates at just two Scottish prisons can get kosher food ‘for religious reasons’ , while in 2013-2014 there were only 9 jewish inmates in Scottish prisons but now we’ve suddenly got 211 extra jews who have materialised. (12)

Scary: isn’t it?

Even more frightening is the fact that the culture of political correctness in the United Kingdom prevents prison governors and staff challenging the inmates concerning their alleged religious needs. (13)

The reason why this cannot be done is well explained by the case of a jew named John Reuben who has been put in prison twice in recent years. (14) In 2000 he successfully sued HM Prison Service over the ‘denial’ of his rights as a jew, because they wouldn’t provide him the very expensive kosher food until he had his jewishness confirmed by rabbi. (15)

Reuben claims in a letter who wrote to prison magazine ‘Inside Times’ that:

‘On arrival at HMP Manchester told them that I am Jewish and that I would require a kosher diet. Only to be told – ‘You cannot have kosher food until your faith has been confirmed by the Rabbi.’ This left me nothing to eat for 5-days.

Some months later I was transferred to Lancaster Farms, only to be told, once again, that I could not have kosher food until my faith had been confirmed by a Rabbi. Surely my faith should already have been marked on my paperwork as it had already been confirmed at Manchester? But, no. I then had to wait 14-days to see a Rabbi.’ (16)

Reuben’s complaint – and the subject of his ‘religious discrimination’ and ‘racism’ claims - that that he ‘had no food for five days’ is complete and unabashed nonsense, because he could have eaten vegan food – which as before described is de facto kosher - as a compromise even if he adhered to the highest standards of kashruth. It follows that the HM Prison Service is being sued for Reuben’s choice – likely with malice aforethought – not to eat de facto kosher food and hold out for kosher certified meals.

This is borne out by the HM Prison Service’s statement that they have to get any prison’s jewish faith confirmed by a rabbi because of the widespread fraudulent claims of ‘jewishness’ described previously (17) and while the bureaucratic issue between HMP Manchester and HMP Lancaster Farms is obviously not great. It isn’t the major religious imposition that Reuben claims it was.

The fact is that the reason that prison staff cannot question the jewishness of prisoners when they want to claim kosher meals is because jews like John Reuben claim that it is ‘racism’ and ‘infringes their religious liberties’ .

A short delay to save hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds of unnecessary expenditure is more than excusable. It stops the UK taxpayers from paying more than they need to in order to feed criminals and unnecessarily paying extra money to the jewish community via kosher caterers and kashruth certification organisations.

That is the simple truth: the jews are costing the UK taxpayers millions with their demands for kosher food without any kind of religious test in UK prisons.


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