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The Purity Spiral supports Will Planer and encourages all of our site viewers and forum members to donate to his defense. Please find links within the article.

Thank you to Matt Parrott for leading activist efforts on Will's behalf.

February 21, 2019 Matt Parrott The Foundry 6

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After covering current events for about an hour, we dedicate the  second hour to the case of William Planer, a TradWorker who was arrested  in the wake of the “Battle of Sacramento” for textbook self-defense.  Tune in for our exclusive jailhouse interview and find out how you can  help!

Update: The fundraising address used on the show was incorrect. Please donate HERE.

The State of California vs. William Planer

Most nationalist donors out there are suffering from “donation  fatigue,” the victims of a struggling movement that seems to have more  problems than solutions. I get it. The odds seem incredibly long, and it  feels like your investment gets lost in a black hole of amateurish  internet personalities up against invincible oligarchs. As frustrated as  you may be, I humbly plead for you to consider the case of William  Planer, a white nationalist leader who desperately needs a hand right  now.

William Planer was a regional director for TradWorker, with a long  history of intelligent and forward-facing nationalist activism. His  region, the Denver Region encompassing the Rockies, Plains, and Pacific  Northwest, was among our most active and innovative regions. While we  should stand with all of our fallen comrades, Will has been an asset to  our cause for a long time, and we need him back on the outside as soon  as possible.

William Planer

On  February 4th, Mr. Planer’s self defense trial resulted in a hung jury,  ending in a mistrial. Even a Bay Area jury in the most anti-nationalist  state in the union grudgingly concluded 6-8 (including alternates) that  the state had no case. While the state would usually drop a case after  performing so poorly, there’s tremendous political pressure on the DA to  put Mr. Planer on trial for his politics. And, lacking any real  evidence of their own in the original trial, that’s all their case  amounted to: This man is guilty of right wing politics.

The good news is that he has a great team of attorneys who have done  an excellent job of presenting his case. The bad news is that Will’s  tapped out, his family’s tapped out, and he needs a couple thousand more  dollars to afford carrying the same counsel into the second round.  They’ve learned what to expect from the prosecution in the second round  and both Will and his attorneys are very optimistic about his prospects  of acquittal.

All of that depends, however, on whether he can raise the money in time. Please donate HERE.

The Battle of Sacramento was a TradWorker and GSS unity event in  June, 2016. It was organized at the state capitol steps to protest the  outbreaks of left-wing violence throughout the state. You might recall  that weeks prior to the event, antifa radicals were targeting Trump  campaign events, chasing down and bludgeoning random attendees.  California’s police were doing nothing to protect ordinary people from  targeted political violence, and we chose to take a stand.

Our event to protest antifa violence and law enforcement dereliction  resulted in a historic outbreak of antifa violence, with police  “standing down” on the sidelines as leftist radicals attacked our  lawful, permitted assembly, media, and even random passersby. Over three  hundred leftists answered the open and explicit call for political  violence by Yvette Felarca and other antifa leaders, who even relied on  GoFundMe to establish a bail fund for all the leftists they anticipated  would be arrested.

It didn’t go as expected, and the bail fund was quietly converted  into a medical fund. The twenty “Sacramento Spartans” prevailed in one  of the most lopsided street battles in American political history. Our  men arrived entirely unarmed, while theirs rolled up armed to the teeth  with bricks, bats, bear mace, and even at least one gun. Our men arrived  with speeches and cardboard protest signs to send a message, theirs  arrived to silence with violence.

While the State of California knew that our side was entirely  innocent, they had little choice but to also arrest somebody from our  side along with the arrests of the “Sacramento Three” ringleaders of the  left wing violence. While Yvette was bailed out right away on his own  recognizance, Will was beset with an absurd $600,000 bail, one which has  resulted in his incarceration for nearly two entire years awaiting his  sham trial.

Felarca Explicitly and Openly Advocates Illegal Violence Against Right Wing Activists
Felarca Explicitly and Openly Advocates Illegal Violence Against Right Wing Activists

The video depicts Will fleeing the scene for his life, while a  nightmare swarm of angry leftists were scrambling around attacking  everybody with weapons. A tranny who mere moments earlier was kicking a  nationalist while he was down came for Will, and Will fended “her” off  with a stick he had wrestled from another leftist before being struck  with bear mace. One would have a hard time correctly gendering the  target with 20/20 vision, but he stands charged with “attacking a  woman.”

The independent police detective charged with investigating the melee  attempted to treat the incident as what it was; a leftist radical  attack on a lawful, permitted free speech assembly. Predictably, leftist  activists have applied pressure to the investigation by accusing  California’s cops of being secret Nazi sympathizers: California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue ‘anti-racist’ activists, documents show.

Defense lawyers said the case at the state capital offers  the latest example of US law enforcement appearing to align with  neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups while targeting anti-fascist  activists and Donald Trump protesters after violent clashes.

As with the Heaphy Report, sometimes true objectivity means concluding that one side is objectively right.

Felarca’s attorneys obtained numerous examples of CHP  officers working directly with the TWP, often treating the white  nationalist group as victims and the anti-fascists as suspects.

I vaguely remember receiving a couple extensive phone calls from  them, and I recall the questions being rather accusatory and pointed. We  had all of our ducks in a row and I was happy to offer the wealth of  communications and internal documents confirming our elaborate planning  for the event — planning which was centered on ensuring the safety of  our attendees and focused on delivering an effective political message  if able to do so.

The officer’s write-up about an African American  anti-fascist activist included a photo of him at the hospital after the  rally and noted that he had been stabbed in the abdomen, chest and hand.

Ayers, however, treated the protester like a suspect in the  investigation. The police investigator recommended the man be charged  with 11 offenses, including disturbing the peace, conspiracy, assault,  unlawful assembly and wearing a mask to evade police.

Fun Fact: It’s still illegal to attack people, even if you happen to get wrecked.

Even the left-wing citizen journalist reporting from inside the trial  couldn’t help but see the case for what it was. Davis Vanguard’s “White Supremacist Hero or Thug”  confirms that the trial was a constant battle against the prosecution  to admit more evidence. Planer, being polite, well-spoken, and innocent,  was more than happy to take the stand in his own defense.

Eventually, out of earshot of the jury, the defense won  the right to present a surprise witness, Sean Wurzburg, who was at the  melee with Planer nearly three years ago. While Deputy District Attorney  Casey Sinclair argued he shouldn’t be allowed to testy, defense counsel  Jem Martin strongly disagreed.“

There has not been any evidence of the severity of the attack on the  Traditionalist Workers Party and allies,” said Martin, noting that  California Highway Patrol officer Donovan Ayers didn’t see the attacks.  “Sean was there. He witnessed it, was attacked and saw Antifa  (anti-fascists) trying to bust their heads.

“He has more to offer (than Ayers). The jury needs to know it was  self-defense by Mr. Planer. This is necessary,” Martin insisted, coaxing  Wurzburg to explain that TWP had shields because “you knew they were  violent.” Wurzburg, indeed, said that rocks and bricks were thrown at  about 20 TWP marching in lockstep, 2 x 2 in formation to the Capitol’s  South side.

DDA Sinclair countered that Sean “was busy with his own situation…He  offers nothing. I don’t know the relevance.” Wurzburg was busy as the  bloody clash began. Wurzburg testified he was pepper sprayed, and hit  with a 2×4 piece of wood, a baseball bat and flag pole.

Judge Stacy Boulware Eurie ruled at day’s end Monday that “I will  allow limited testimony as to describing what happened to him.” She then  warmed attorney Martin “don’t use” the “busting heads” language again.

Earlier, Martin scored points in his contention that Planer was a  hero, defending not only himself, but others in his group – outnumbered  by about 200 to 20. He emphasized that Planer was temporarily blinded,  most likely, by “bear mace,” which is stronger, said CHP officer Donovan  Ayers, than regular pepper spray.

Even the ADL and SPLC grudgingly confirmed both that the leftists  instigated the confrontation and that the nationalists prevailed in the  confrontation. And with your help, we are very close to achieving the  one kind of victory that has remained out of reach; a landmark legal  victory. Without your help, this struggle will be over before it really  begins, as the radical leftists work to chip away at our freedom of  assembly. Please help Will come home to his family. Please donate HERE. Audio Player

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