The increasing trend towards the legalisation of the consumption of cannabis or marijuana – especially in the form of so-called ‘medical marijuana’ the dangers and realities of which were covered extensively by the Darwin Digest – (1) has given birth to a nascent legal cannabis production industry.

One of the hubs of this industry is – you guessed it – Israel; (2) where recreational ‘medical’ use was first legalised as early as the 1990s. (3)

Cannabis is seen by the Israelis as well… a business opportunity – who cares about the goyim who suffer from its well-documented negative effects – and on 5th February 2017 the Knesset authorised the export of so-called ‘medical marijuana’ with the primary markets being Western Europe and the United States. (4)

Dozens of Israeli kibbutzim have already applied for permits to farm ‘medical marijuana’ since its growth was legalised in July 2016 (5) and it is being seen as a way for the eternally penurious country to gain more foreign currency, while also revitalizing the kibbutzim movement in the Palestinian territories by giving them a crop with an almost inexhaustible global demand to sell. (6)

The fact that Israeli jews such as Saul Kaye are spearheading attempts to legalise cannabis use in the UK (7) while jewish politicians Steve Cohen and Al Franken are doing so in the United States. (8), as well as – to quote Saul Kaye – the fact that ‘the cannabis industry [is] “very Jewish”, estimating that Jews make up between 20 and 30 per cent of attendees at his conferences.’ (9), should be seen as a deliberate attempt both to further liberalise and thus weaken Western societies, while also helping out Israel’s economy by generating new markets for its cannabis producing companies and kibbutzim to sell to.

That is the essence of the nascent Israeli cannabis industry: drug the goyim and make a profit doing it.