The Manchester Pusher is an alleged serial killer currently stalking the canal-side of the city of Manchester in the United Kingdom. The Pusher has been linked by believers to 85 deaths between 2008 and 2016. (1) Greater Manchester Police however claim that these figures come from an inaccurate figure distributed in 2015, which is actually the figure for Greater Manchester not the city of Manchester itself. (2) The true figure is either 22 or 35 depending what you want to include in what geographical area. (3)

I won’t comment on whether or not the Pusher is real or not here as it is not important for my thesis. What is important is that a lot of bodies have been found in the Canal Street area of Manchester, which is part of the geographic hub for the local sodomite population and has led to hysteria within the Manchester’s degenerate community about the Pusher targeting sodomites. (4)

Given that it is quite possible that the Pusher is simply a fantasy despite the fact that quite of a few of his alleged victims have been active sodomites and that strong likelihood that many of the sodomite ‘victims’ went down to the canal-side tow paths looking to purchase drugs and/or sexual services. Then either got mugged then thrown - or were so drunk that they stumbled - into the canal. (5)

The impact has been significant since the local sodomite population actively believes that they are being ‘targeted’ by ‘hateful people’ who oppose its ‘human rights’ and have taken steps to avoid the issue accordingly by taking taxis home, only leaving nightclubs in groups and never going down to the canal-side tow paths after dark. (6)

This is what Gustav le Bon pithily termed the ‘madness of crowds’ in so far as a conjecture based upon one statistic has transformed itself into a rumour that has in turned into an urban legend. The urban legend then feeds on and perpetuates itself by the process of autosuggestion.

Then on the basis of this urban legend sodomites have become fearful and modified their behaviour. If the Pusher is indeed real then they would have engaged in one of the most effective anti-sodomite activism in last two decades.

That isn’t to suggest that people should go around pushing sodomites into canals, but rather that in causing sodomites to alter their behaviour and playing on their fears, the Pusher has done something that Omar Mateen spectacularly failed to do at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida when he shot it up. Mateen going full snackbar produced only sympathy for the sodomites and enabled the media to cast the sodomites as blameless victims of a psychopathic Islamist zealot who was immediately claimed as a ‘repressed homosexual’.

Mateen’s actions didn’t work because they created martyrs and didn’t expose the goings-on inside the sodomite community nor play on their own sense of fear. What the idea of the Pusher has done is to present no clearly identifiable victims, exposed some of the degeneracy of the local sodomite community (i.e. drug addiction and sexual intercourse in a public place) to public scrutiny and played on the fears of the sodomites. This has been caused a change in sodomite behaviour in response, which Mateen’s violent actions in Orlando failed to achieve.

This is the power of the belief and autosuggestion. The more people who die from falling into Manchester’s canals. The more ‘victims’ the Pusher has and the more the local sodomite community will fear him and take increasingly drastic action to ‘avoid being a victim’.

The idea of the Pusher is in essence doing with the suggestion that violence could potentially occur what David Copeland failed to do with nail bombs. That is why actual violence against sodomites is not viable or desirable strategy during our struggle, because it merely creates martyrs and engenders sympathy. The suggestion that something could occur to you is – like any good ghost story – much more powerful, because it has no victims, no identifiable perpetrator and commits no crime. It plays on your mind. It makes you jump at shadows and forces behaviour changes as you – in essence – psych yourself out and act like a neurotic wreck as a direct result.

That is why in the modern age there is no need to take physical action against sodomites during the struggle for power. You merely have to spread rumours and theories that there are murderous psychopaths out there targeting sodomites and the rest is done by wildfire rumour within the sodomite community itself, because they are genuinely terrified about what would happen to them in a world without the police at their beck and call.

To spread such ideas is simple enough.

You merely need to act the ‘concerned citizen’ and publicize any crimes that can be argued to have been actively targeting sodomites such as – for example – the so-called Smiley-faced Killer stalking the United States. Maybe this group of – likely fictional – serial killers are targeting homosexual men and women and perhaps this should be publicized.

After all don’t the ‘gay community’ have a right to know about killers in their midst?


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