If you, like me, were into the ‘alternative’ music scene in the 1990s and early 2000s then I have little doubt that you would have heard of the genre-defining band ‘Incubus Succubus’ one of whose most famous songs aside from ‘Church of Madness’ was ‘Burning Times’. LARPy pseudo-Pagans – sorry ‘Wiccans’ – they may have been but given the repeated and brutal persecution of National Socialists around the world. I think their song about the ‘Burning Times’ is an apt expression of the modern leftist zeitgeist where this secular priesthood of superstitious atheism repeat the worst excesses they attribute – largely incorrectly – to European Christianity in the late medieval and early modern epochs.

Naturally they don’t advocate literally burning the modern day heretic – exemplified in its purest form by the National Socialist and no other – yet they are coming closer and closer as the days and weeks pass to advocating outright state-sponsored genocide of political dissenters. We’ve seen men, women and minors jailed for everything from making speeches which make ‘people of colour’ feel ‘unsafe’ to criticizing the Israeli state all the way through to running unapproved political parties in a so-called ‘representative democracy’ and thinking unapproved thoughts.

The comparison to George Orwell’s famous novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ is trite and overused, but it still expresses the fundamental truth in this new world of ours. The political language of our time relies more on continuing shifting ideological truisms based on the prevailing party line from the ideological priesthood of superstitious atheism – aka leftist/liberal academics, celebrities, politicians and think tanks – in the same way that the ruling party in ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ continually shifts the ‘party line’ – i.e. the party’s ideological truisms - to fit the new internal and external political conditions and in such a way that the previous ‘party line’ stands in direct contradiction of the new ‘party line’.

The inspiration for ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’s’ leitmotiv is clearly the ideological mental gymnastics of the enforced ‘party line’ of the official communist parties of the world – but primarily of Europe – handed down by Joseph Stalin from the 1930s to the 1950s. However there is a lot of truth in Orwell’s characterization of Oceania and its politics that are applicable to the situation today.

Oceania – like most modern ‘post-racial post-colonial’ states – is avowedly imperialist in its aims to unite mankind under one ruling class (aka ‘Globalism’) although it dresses them up and justifies them as ‘acts of liberation from oppression’. Think of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq as well as the continual attempts by the jewish-dominated ‘Deep State’ to agitate the masses – who are viewed as mere uneducated cattle to be stirred up or calmed as the party (aka the ‘Deep State’) wishes – to ‘support’ (and provide the manpower to) an invasion of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Venezuela and most notably Iran.

That the ‘Deep State’ is yet to be able to convince the mass of the population to support such an invasion – hardly surprising given that most European high streets now look like a Middle Eastern souk rather than a Western shopping arcade - is not to suggest that it isn’t extremely powerful – as many as self-described ‘skeptics’ are likely to try and immediately maintain – but rather that the human mind doesn’t have the level of plasticity that Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ assumes it does – largely based on the now long debunked but then current theory of Behaviourism and the resultant hype about ‘Brainwashing’ – and is acutely aware of cognitive dissonance and can tolerate a significant amount of it in their life until such time as the reality of their daily existence directly and continually contradicts the unreality of the ‘party line’.

The party in Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ deals with this issue in much the same way as the modern proponents of the jewish philosopher Karl Popper recommended. It masks its totalitarian nature by using the illusion of choice and the mask of virtue – for example ‘I am intolerant of intolerance’ but which in some weird form of Orwellian doublethink translates to ‘being tolerant’ and ‘promoting tolerance’ – to disguise and justify the repressive measures that both Oceania and the modern liberal state take against dissidents and/or ideological heretics who are regarded as ‘enemies of the state’.

Both Oceania and the modern liberal state imprison these ‘enemies of the state’ and implement forced ‘re-education’ programs that are presented in typically Orwellian terms as ‘De-Radicalization’ and ‘Education in Tolerance’ (for example the ‘EXIT’ program). They also both actively seek to detect such ‘enemies of the state’ before they can become truly ‘radicalized’ so that the ideology of the state (Ingsoc in the case of Oceania and ‘Modern Liberalism’ in the case of the modern liberal state) can be more easily beaten into the heads of the would-be ‘enemies of the state’.

These newly ‘unradicalized’ individuals are then used as ‘evidence’ of the ‘danger’ of ‘hate’ and how ‘irrational’ the ‘enemies of the state’ are, but if they will just admit their ‘error’ then they will have a place – as these newly ‘unradicalized’ individuals have – on the ‘anti-hate’ motivational speakers circuit. Where the newly ‘unradicalized’ individuals confirm the ideology of a crowd of true believers in the ‘modern liberal’ ideology in an orgy of self-flagellation culminating in their ‘seeing the light’.

All at the great price of $19.99.

In essence then what the ‘Deep State’ wants is to split the ‘enemies of the state’ into the repentant and the unrepentant as the Christian interrogators did to suspected witches and heretics. When the first or first few suspects look for a plea deal; they offer it to them in return for testimony against (and names of) other suspects and on condition that they do public penance for their various ‘crimes’ against the state.

And as with the charge of witchcraft; the demand to ‘do something’ more drastic about unrepentant ‘enemies of the state’ whose ‘seditious’ ideas are spreading rapidly – as we can see in the widespread and increasing influence of National Socialism on the unreformed right – will continue to grow until we truly do see a return to the ‘Burning Times’.