Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ that was turned by Netflix into a continuing series that operated outside the ‘Marvel Universe’ - and which has now finished its second season – centres around the targeted vengeance actions of a former US special forces operator against the legions of criminals that are infesting – and operating freely - in the United States.

In both the Marvel and Netflix versions of ‘The Punisher’ the hero is a jew and the criminals are Aryans. The Netflix series dials this up yet further by having a jewish actor play the hero, having the hero's close associate be a jew (both of whom have distinctly Nordic-looking love interests) and the heroine is an Iranian.

This is hardly surprising considering the well-known and well-documented jewish domination of both the comic book industry and Hollywood, and there is little to argue against the fact that ‘The Punisher’ was always conceived of as a jew fighting against Aryans.

There is much that can be said about the psychology of such a statement given that jews are a cruel and cowardly people – hence why Israeli soldiers in the IDF are notorious for hard drug use and are not infrequently issued adult nappies to prevent ‘unfortunate accidents’ and the resulting hilariously bad PR, while also being famed for brutality and cruelty towards those who cannot fight back – not given to the insanely brave and compassionate military traditions of the Aryan race.

There is no jewish ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’.

There is no jewish ‘Defence of Rorke’s Drift’.

There is no jewish ‘Battle of Gaugamela’.

All there is is a sordid history of torturing and murdering civilians and prisoners – such as the massacre at Mamilla Pool and the ‘Jewish Revolts’ against Rome – and cowardice such as that famously demonstrated by Josephus and less famously by the so-called ‘Special Interrogation Group’ during the Second World War.

In essence the Punisher represents a jewish fantasy about themselves and their role as the chosen ‘Punishers’ of the gentiles at the behest of their god, but it is also one that is the inverse of reality.

In many respects even hard-line Islamic militants are braver than their Semitic brethren. Because while they are notorious for their drug use to get them through the rigours and stressed of combat, as documented by Chris Kyle in his best-selling memoir ‘American Sniper’, they are also courageous enough to engage in suicide missions which jews have very rarely engaged in, because jews ultimately fear self-sacrifice and pain even if in pursuance of a long-term goal.

Compare this to Aryans who have a long history of suffering for years, even decades in pursuit of a long-term goal, suicidal bravery on the battlefield and compassion toward their enemies and we can quickly see that the ‘Punisher’ is actually an archetypal Aryan transformed via the medium of fantasy and projection into an archetypal jew.

In other words; the ‘Punisher’ is actually an Aryan and provides a template by which we can understand the increasing number of bowlcut attacks by Aryans against their enemies. Their goal is the same as the ‘Punisher’s’ in that they wish to punish those guilty of wrongdoing by executing them in the name of the common good because the System is so corrupt that it refuses to do so via normal means.

This is exactly what has motivated many of the recent bowlcut style mass shootings in New Zealand and the United States with their expressed desire to stop the ‘Great Replacement’ (aka White Genocide) of Aryans in the Antipodes, Western Europe and North America that is being enforced by a corrupt ideologically hidebound system on its people and was never voted for – let alone approved – by the people who the System’s figureheads were allegedly voted into office by.

The famous but overused and cliché quote by John F. Kennedy that ‘those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable’ gets to the root cause of the issue, because the System has made peaceful solutions nearly impossible (and is in the process of trying to make it completely impossible) and has thus provoked the first stirrings of a violent revolutionary insurgency against itself while claiming to be trying avoid precisely that.

The System has refused to listen to the people that they are supposed to be governing in the name of – and are superficially elected by – and thus we have now seen the stirrings of ‘Punisher’ style attacks by lone wolves across the world and much as has been documented by the academic literature on the rise of Islamic State in Iraq: it is the System’s own self-interested behaviour and corrupt policies that have triggered it.

Agree or disagree with the rising tide of bowlcut style mass shootings. They are almost certainly just the beginning of a bloody wave of violence with Aryans snapping and taking matters into their own hands across the globe rather than desperately trying to rationalize ‘trusting the System’ like so many of their elders have done and it has got them worse than nowhere.

The only difference between ‘The Punisher’ and the rising tide of angry Nazi ‘Punishers’ is that ‘The Punisher’ was much better trained and experienced military operator. Where-as most Nazi ‘Punishers’ so far have made a multitude of errors in planning and execution that limited the amount of people killed and also allowed local law enforcement to respond in time. It seems likely as these attacks continue to occur and escalate; they – like school shooters – will generally evolve to become far more effective in terms of their planning and kill count.

We’ll see what happens.