By Karl Radl

[TPSEditor's note: To help with the legal costs of the SWN activists, please see the story on Billy Roper's site here.]

Recently, my friend and veteran nationalist, Billy Roper, posted about  the plight of three of the members of his ‘Shieldwall Network’ group who – in his words – ‘displayed excellent moral but poor legal judgement’  by catfishing a sodomite with hebephile tendencies on the infamous ‘gay hook up’ app, Grinder, which was predictably created – and is still run -  by an Israeli jew named Joel Simkhai. (1)

According to ‘The Courier’ of Russellville, Arkansas: ‘Shieldwall Network’ members Julian Calfy, John Carollo and Nicholas Holloway proceeded to detain the sodomite and then to call 911 and request the local police department attend their location. (2)

Unfortunately, because Calfy, Carollo and Holloway – it is claimed - held the sodomite up at gun point, had a baseball bat with them and ‘caused damage’ to the sodomite’s car as well as allegedly lacerating his chest and giving him a good old-fashioned ‘National Socialist Head  Massage’ – yes, I am channeling Goebbels here – then they were arrested on charges of second degree battery.

I presume that the sodomite – sorry ‘the victim’ – was released without charge and allowed to go on his merry way. Calfy, Carollo and Holloway have already been widely-lauded on local Facebook communities and predictably also reviled on out-of-touch leftist websites such as ‘Right Wing Watch’ and ‘Hate Trackers’ that appear to believe that adult men sodomizing young teens are just expressions of so-called ‘Greek  love’.

Any sane person who hasn’t had their mind addled by reading ‘Sodomy for Dummies’ knows that it is both legally and morally wrong for an adult male to groom a minor for sex, let alone actually engage in the act  itself. However, despite the sodomite’s actions being illegal and  morally wrong, Calfy, Carollo and Holloway should have known better because they assumed that as Nationalists they could force the System to actively enforce its laws and this would justify any and all alleged ‘force’ used to ‘detain’ the sodomite via ‘citizen’s arrest’.

They failed to understand that by not just being passive and using ‘name and shame’ – the method used by most paedophile hunters and most famously used in cooperation with local police forces on the NBC’s ‘To Catch a Predator’ series hosted by Chris Hansen – which is legal and widely-used, but by actively and forcibly detaining the sodomite they have given the System the chance to not only let the sodomite off the hook but also potentially ruin their lives by charging them with second degree battery.

When you add that to their political work, it is likely that the System is going to add ‘hate crime’ charges to their dockets to strengthen their sentencing and get some good boy points with the homosexual lobby primarily operating out of California and New York.

Calfy, Carollo and Holloway essentially shot their own cause in the foot because they subscribed to the farcical – if commonly held – belief that the 'System’ wants and accepts ‘help’ on any terms and won’t use any mistakes you make – such as alleged forcible detention of the sodomite – to attack you personally. Rather like how so-called ‘militia’ groups (aka the Boomerwaffen) got into massive amounts of trouble with the FBI for trying to ‘help’ the US Border Patrol by detaining a substantial number of marauding Mexican migrants in aptly-named New Mexico. (3)

While Calfy, Carollo and Holloway’s actions in detaining the sodomite attempting to molest an underage boy are laudable, their behaving as if a Nationalist state were in existence in the United States was misguided; now they are suffering for doing so.

We are the vanguard of the future, but we have to focus on doing what is best for our people in the long-term, not on the short-term  pleasure of giving a sodomite a little bit of the punishment that is coming to him at the hands of the state in the coming Fourth Reich lest  we jeopardize that future.

Patience, my friends; we must be patient.


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