When I heard about Tristan Morgan’s attempt to take the fight to the jewish-dominated system in Exeter in the UK I was surprised to say the least. The details of his attempt to return to the Propaganda of the Deed of yesteryear was described by the UK’s ‘Jewish News’ in the following words:

‘A man who allegedly set fire to Exeter’s historic synagogue in a Shabbat day arson attack is to be transferred from prison to a mental hospital.

Tristan Morgan, 51, who was assessed as unfit to attend Exeter Crown Court, was accused of arson with intent to endanger life.
The case was adjourned until October while doctors prepare a psychiatric report.

The blaze at the synagogue, one of the most historic in Britain, caused fire and smoke damage to an area around the door after an accelerant was poured inside at around 8pm, when the building was empty.

It is the third oldest shul in Britain. Its most notable feature is an Aron Kodesh carved in wood but designed to resemble marble.

The building was restored after being damaged in a German bombing raid in 1942.’ (1)

This is typical of the nonsensical propaganda pushed by the jewish-dominated establishment in the UK. If someone opposes the system then they are ‘mentally ill’ and in need of ‘care’. Therefore they need to be shipped off to some god awful hell-hole built in the 1970s to be subject to ministration of psychologists who will pump full of drugs and see everything they say that is politically incorrect as a symptom of their madness as was so well described by jewish journalist Jon Ronson in his ‘The Psychopath Test’.

The other system that behaved like this was the Soviet Union which regarded political dissent against the Soviet party line as being a symptom of mental illness, because it viewed Marxist – much as the modern British establishment views liberal democracy writ large – as being an end philosophy and the logical end of human intellectual endeavour. Yet like the Soviet Union the devil is in the details with the disadvantaged masses increasingly rebelling the system itself only to be met with increasingly open and brutal suppression by the enforcers of that system. The difference between the Soviet Union and the increasing anarcho-tyranny in West today is that the Soviet Union was intellectually stagnant and only tried to impress a fossil political religion on its people after the grand economic and social failures of Stalin and Khrushchev’s premierships.

In the West today there is an increasing level of oppression and an ideological moving feast with said liberal democracy now becoming a vehicle for not only promoting but enforcing illogical ideologically-derived beliefs such as there being dozens of gender and sexual ‘identities’ or the whole concept that to not support the ethnic cleansing of the European peoples from their homelands is an indicator of adherence of National Socialism. This is embittering the masses of the people who are crying out for a leader to show them the way to a new national future that puts the interests of the masses of the people first not the economic interests of bankers or the political interests of embittered and sexually frustrated middle-aged women.

That is why people like Tristan Morgan are increasingly acting on their rage against the injustice of an establishment that puts the interests of terrorists who want to turn Europe into a Caliphate or a proxy state of Greater Israel over providing shelter and social housing to their own people – Morgan was and is homeless – (2) and striking back in the only way they know how against the system. Until this state of affairs changes I can only predict that we will increasingly see lone wolf attacks against the enemies of the people from frustrated angry men and women who have reached the end of their ability to tolerate the current state of affairs and to whom radical action and the resultant consequences are the only way to express their intolerance of the destruction of their people and way of life.

This is the unfortunate state of affairs we find ourselves in today and only once a truly national government is established can normality and sanity be restored to the streets.


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