I've been seeing a lot of smoothbrains decrying the philosophy of Accelerationism lately, and I wanted to explain a few things to those of you who are misinformed.

Firstly, Accelerationism isn't the belief that murder sprees are something you should aspire to. This is often something that is incorrectly stated by the sort of people who can't argue a point without building a quaint little strawman to knock down.

Accelerationism is the belief in the boiling frog theory. The constant advances of Jewery upon the European peoples, while they have sped up over the last decade, are still proceeding slowly enough that they are tolerated by their victims. No matter what else you do - because Accelerationism is not all we believe in - society will continue to slowly boil. By all means, continue to shitpost online or try to form IRL groups. Both are necessary.

Feel free to discourage your friends from violence. But what you cannot do is to discredit or deny our martyrs. No large change will ever come by moving to Idaho or putting up flyers. After all, you're just a Nazi, and you offer nothing to these people. European society is far too comfortable to contemplate revolutionary thoughts, actual change. Despite the unrelenting Muslim terrorism and rape, dragqueen storytime hour, and the normalization of transexualism, few people are anything but a little irritated with the world. There is no other way to shock these people out of their consumerism-induced slumber than to goad the System into cracking down on them, the more brutal the better. These people need to see that there is no hope with the current system, and that is where you come into this.

The dissident movement must be seen as the people who can provide a future. It's as simple as that. Give people something to believe in, something to work for. You also must be seen as a force that can back up what it says with blood and violence, if it comes to that. That doesn't mean that you need a suicide vest stashed underneath your bed. It means that you cannot continuously decry violence done in our names, like sniveling cowards. If you disagree with violence, simply say nothing. Just don't bring it up. We have enough problems without our own people working against us. A movement of fart-huffing intellectuals writing long diatribes in blog comments sections is fucking meaningless. People like that accomplish nothing. The people forming IRL groups and recruiting good men are the future, but they have no future in a world that doesn't need them.

And so, Accelerationism is not the belief that you should go to your local synagogue and play those kikes the Charleston Vespers. It is not Siege as a philosophy. It is not the only thing you can believe in. It is simply the acknowledgment that White Nationalism and National Socialism will continue to be static without external change.

Those that decry Accelerationism are the counter-revolutionaries of our day. Fat and comfortable, they don't want anything to change. They shrink from confrontation. They shrink from the very idea of resistance. They cannot imagine a world in which they must actually do something.

We're not even asking them to do much, simply to shut the fuck up while the adults talk. You don't need to endorse violence, just stay out of the way when someone can't take living in this world anymore and pops.

The late Harold Covington brought up the idea of stochastic terrorism a few times on his show. It's the idea that violence - retaliation against society, or deliberate terrorism - is statistically probable, but cannot be individually predicted. It's literally the recognition that some people, for reasons entirely their own, are going to arm themselves and set out on a mission of vengeance, to get their point across down the barrel of a gun. It's already happening, and it will continue to happen. There are no brakes on this train.