Since the media recently noticed the NPC meme – that stands for ‘Non-Player Character’ or ‘Non-Playable Character’ by-the-way – that emanated out of /pol/, (1) I thought it appropriate to comment on the simple, beautiful truth of this meme. The idea is simple enough in that most people who are currently alive on this planet aren’t living but rather existing.

This isn’t in my view because most people don’t have any internal dialogue as some have claimed – I’d actually suggest they do – but rather because the majority of humans do not have a critical inner dialogue that allows them to predict future trends based on the data they absorb and internalize every day and then weigh their future evolutionary and material interests against these predictions.

Instead most people are distinctly short-sighted and are focused less on the likelihood of further economic turmoil in the next few years or the non-White invasion of Western Europe by legal and illegal migrants from Africa, the Middle East and the Far East, but rather on predicting whether or not they will be able to find a new girlfriend soon and/or how far their next pay check can be made to stretch.

Doubt me?

Think about it for a moment and remember how difficult it is to make conversation with the average person in Western Europe unless you can talk about what happened on television recently or the material problems of life such as lack of money, marriage, rearing children and so forth. Talk to them about their children’s future in an Islamic Caliphate stretching across Europe and they will look at you blankly and steer the conversation back to debating whether their favourite sportsman is worth the obscene money that their club paid for them.

The latter is unimportant in the greater scheme of things, but yet normies are not interested anything other than the short-term and their material/social condition. Non-normies (aka activists) however are far more interested in what is occurring in the greater scheme of things – hence why nationalists often consume many times more news and current affairs content than your average normie working their 9-5 desk job and looking forward to the new season of ‘Making a Murderer’ – than in the short-term and their material/social condition.

It is a fundamentally different way of looking at the world and if you think about it normies are quite literally Non-Playable Characters (NPCs), because they aren’t interested in – let alone involved in anything that would cause – significant political, social and/or economic change. Instead - like NPCs in video games – they simply carry on their merry way oblivious to what is going on around them.

Symptomatic of this atomized attitude to life and the alienation of European man from nature and the soil is the response of normies to terrorist attacks. You’d except protests and demands for changes, but no; most people virtue signal a bit using Snapchat photo filters (like ‘Pray for Paris’), get a commemorative tattoo to show their friends (like Liverpool’s Bee tattoo) and then shrug before continuing on living their comfortable luxurious lives having forgotten that people they may have known died recently.

So just like when you are playing Grand Theft Auto and the citizens of San Andreas shriek and jump out of the way of your speeding sports car only to them pick themselves up off of the floor and continue milling around like nothing has happened. Normies in real life do exactly this when confronted with a tragic or even dangerous situation. It is less about change, but rather ‘how can I leverage this for my personal benefit?’

That is why Normies are NPCs.


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